OneLogin Desktop for Windows and macOS

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CompanyOneLogin, Inc.
Company size (employees)180
Type of solutionHybrid


Traditional company security boundaries are rapidly dissolving as remote access by the “extended enterprise” — employees, partners, contractors, and customers — is on the rise. While this trend increases productivity, IT teams are challenged with having to expand security to manage the complexities and risks of access from anyone, anywhere.

To maintain security without complicating matters for end-users, OneLogin introduced OneLogin Desktop in February 2016. The solution is available for Windows and macOS.

OneLogin Desktop is a new kind of endpoint management. The solution allows users to securely access their web and desktop applications simply by logging into their laptop. No additional logins are needed to access apps, giving organizations the power to execute fast without compromising security.

In addition to simplifying app access for end-users, the solution increases security across the enterprise by providing an on-laptop certificate that delivers a second authentication factor. This allows companies to enable multi-factor authentication for every application without the tedium of continually requiring employees to enter a code sent to their mobile device. OneLogin calls this “Painless MFA”.

Because OneLogin Desktop authenticates against OneLogin Cloud Directory, it frees IT teams from time-consuming Active Directory maintenance and empowers them to focus on more important security projects.

How we are different

1. Increased Security through Painless MFA - OneLogin Desktop authenticates end-users using two factors (password and on-device certificate) without requiring employees to pull out their mobile devices. OneLogin Desktop also allows companies to enforce password policies for all laptops such as password complexity, rotation, and uniqueness.

According to Garrett Bekker, senior analyst for 451 Research, “Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-based applications, but many are wrestling with the challenges of integrating and managing both on-premise and cloud-based resources. Allowing enterprises to focus on the benefits of an ‘identity-centric’ approach to security without worrying about the underlying technical infrastructure should be welcome by many IT professionals.”

2. Increased Device Visibility and Control - OneLogin Desktop lets IT admins see which users’ laptops are connected to OneLogin, and specific information about each device. IT admins can revoke the certificate on any lost or stolen laptop. OneLogin Desktop allows IT professionals to manage authentication of Macs and PCs without having to maintain Active Directory, VPN, or LDAP to free IT time.

According to Zach Boewer, vice president of information technology for Scale Venture Partners, “The idea of having a unified directory in the cloud that services SaaS and endpoints is brilliant. Having a single unified directory will ease the burden on IT staff, simplify the user sign-on process, and bolster security.”

3. Increased User Productivity - Because users only login once to access their application portal and SAML-enabled web and desktop apps, OneLogin’s streamlined authentication process saves time for users. This simplified sign-in process reduces the number of password reset requests, which can comprise a quarter of all IT service desk volume, according to Gartner.