OneTrust Privacy Management

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


“A leader since the inception of privacy management software, OneTrust continues to dominate the market. Its vision puts privacy management at the core of business innovation, not only as a safeguard to manage risk, but also as an engine of trust and efficiency. With a roadmap rich in process and technology improvements, privacy embeds itself in the business as a critical enabler.”

OneTrust’s leadership in Privacy Management is well-summarized by this accolade from a recent Forrester report. (The Forrester WaveTM: Privacy Management Software, Q4 2023, Q4 2023, Forrester Research, Inc. December 14, 2023)

Through longstanding market leadership, OneTrust distinguishes itself as a forward-looking visionary and innovator. A recent IDC report stated, “OneTrust differentiates with an unrivaled vision for the future of privacy.” This vision is founded on the belief that, in our data-centric world, privacy must be elevated beyond a tactical, risk-focused compliance exercise. Rather, data privacy programs are a critical tool for organizations to unlock the value of data for AI innovation, customer engagement, and analytics while driving business value through trust.

This vision underscores OneTrust’s R&D strategy, combining capabilities and platform experiences that meet customers where they are today while offering the tools for them to mature and scale their programs for success.

OneTrust is the only platform combining automation and extensive regulatory intelligence with the depth and breadth of capabilities organizations need to remain agile amid continuous regulatory change. Simply put, OneTrust customers can accomplish all of their data privacy activities on one platform. OneTrust enables them to:

– Access real-time regulatory intelligence
– Gain an accurate picture of the personal data held and processed by the organization and its vendors
– Automate resource-intensive privacy management workflows
– Implement privacy incident prevention and prepare for incident response

Key Capabilities / Features

PIA & DPIA Automation: Achieve privacy by design by automating the creation, distribution, and analysis of PIAs and DPIAs. Demonstrate compliance with real-time regulatory intelligence, insights, and analytics.

Data Mapping Automation: Know your data, reduce risk, and identify the personal data held and used across the organization. Understand the regulations the data is subject to and data protection requirements. Maintain evergreen inventories of assets, processes, and vendors for ROPA.

Privacy Rights Automation: Expedite personal rights requests fulfillment. Automate your entire data subject access request (DSAR) fulfillment process from intake and ID verification to data discovery, redaction, and secure response.

Privacy Incident Management: Streamline response to incidents and data breaches and comply with global notification requirements. Aggregate metrics and context for your incident response team to simplify investigation. Deploy one of 300 jurisdiction templates for ease of notification. Reduce incident recurrence with automated root cause analyses.

Third-Party Risk Management: Streamline every stage of the third-party lifecycle by automating workflows for onboarding, assessment, risk mitigation, reporting, monitoring, and offboarding. Build your inventory. Trigger reassessments when changes occur.

Privacy Notice Management: Simplifies how companies manage their policy and notice lifecycle across regulations, regions, languages, and digital platforms in a centralized dashboard. Scan websites and apps to identify policies that need to be maintained.

Privacy Training: Build a privacy-first organization and comply with regulations with interactive awareness training. Track performance across your teams with real-time completion metrics. Demonstrate compliance with detailed reports on training history and performance

DataGuidance Research: Power your compliance program with the centralized regulatory research platform built by OneTrust’s network of in-house researchers, hundreds of legal experts, and translators. Companies get personalized guidance and real-time updates on the latest privacy, security, and third-party risk regulations spanning 300 jurisdictions and 100 languages.

How we are different

Automation to streamline and mature data privacy programs: Data privacy teams are burdened by manual tasks, barely keeping up with regulatory changes. Instead of teams getting bogged down in spreadsheets, OneTrust helps organizations drive business value by automating privacy-critical workflows. OneTrust offers privacy impact assessments, accurate data mapping, and privacy rights request fulfillment so organizations can achieve privacy by design while demonstrating compliance and building trust.

The most extensive regulatory library and largest community of legal and privacy experts in the world: The regulatory landscape is only getting more fractured and complex, and the only constant is change. As organizations must manage more than 4,000 regulatory updates per year, it can be challenging to adapt. With the world’s largest source of regulatory research in the world, OneTrust helps organizations keep up with the latest privacy regulations, news, and compliance requirements. OneTrust also helps teams stay prepared by delivering current regulatory, industry, and role-specific privacy awareness training content along with up-to-date privacy policies.

The ability to measure, report on, and mature privacy programs: With OneTrust, organizations can demonstrate accountability by measuring and overseeing privacy risks, incident response handling or remediation, and privacy program maturity over time. Dashboards and single-pane-of-glass visibility allow teams to uncover areas of improvement, detect major trends or incidents on the horizon, and ultimately drive faster data-driven decisions.