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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Onward Security provides cybersecurity compliance solutions for the internet of things. It possesses an internationally accredited testing lab which is the only CTIA authorized in Asia and the only Amazon AVS authorized in Taiwan for cybersecurity testing. Moreover, it offers vulnerability testing services including ioXt, CREST, and IEC-62443 for customers to obtain certification for their IoT and IIoT products.

The company also develops automated security assessment products with AI and machine learning features. It provides security, defense, and response from threats to information, distribution, and network systems for the internet of things in the industry such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, government, and more. Its security services and automated security testing products specialize in evaluating, find zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE IDs), and fulfill international standards to ensure assets and reduce the possible loss of security defects.

The company’s R&D team as a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity is devoted to security assessments and solutions. Except for providing the services and AI products for the customers, it also has been collaborating with ecosystem partners for technology improvement and comprehensive solutions for industrial applications. It is the only professional vendor in Taiwan that has done the cybersecurity drills more than 300 times. Besides, about 250 connected devices have been tested and 2,500+ vulnerabilities are discovered throughout the IoT/IIoT equipment, voice control device, wireless router, DSL modem, switch, NAS, IP camera, smartphone, internet TV, and more.

Onward Security develops and improves its technologies and testing tools through accumulated experiences in product security assessments, security compliance and certification services, and R&D capabilities. The company’s core competence is to keep professionalism, trust, and innovation , as well as provide quality security products and services . It always helps customers discover potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and protect important information to realize ultimate security.

How we are different

1. Providing the automated security assessment products with AI and machine learning features for users to discover known and unknown vulnerabilities of their products and ensure security compliance before product release to avoid the loss from security risks, as well as helping with the customers from the industry such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, government, and more.

2. Making cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for customers to obtain professional and trustworthy security services including compliance checks, security management, architecture review, SSDLC, and more, not only to establish the security management system but also to evaluate the maturity level of the secured development to reduce the security risks and events.

3. Keeping the development of security techniques and helping customers’ products to comply with security compliance and international standards, as well as acquiring cybersecurity certification, such as the standards of FIPS 140, GDPR, ISO/IEC
27001, IEC 62443 series, ISO 15408, ISO 27034, NIST 800 series, DevSecOps, and more.