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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology was built to address zero-day cyber threats that are not detected by next-generation anti-malware and dynamic analysis solutions. It assumes all files are malicious, ingesting and then regenerating them in a manner in which the regenerated file is both usable and harmless. Introduced in 2012, OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Deep CDR is widely deployed globally, particularly by customers in critical infrastructure industries. OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology is a market leader with superior features like multi-level archive processing, accuracy of file regeneration, and support for 100+ file types. We also provide in-depth views of what is being sanitized and how, and deliver safe files with 100% of threats eliminated within seconds to ensure workflows are not interrupted. Finally, our Deep CDR integrates with OPSWAT’s Multiscanning to include advanced threat detection and is used in the highest security environments.

How we are different

OPSWAT’s Deep CDR supports a wide range of file formats (100+), including regional-specific formats such as JTD and HWP, and maintains file usability and functionality after sanitization

Our Deep CDR offers flexible configuration options per file format allowing the administrator to enable or disable the embedded objects that should be removed or sanitized

Our solution provides detailed reports of sanitized components, accessible via API, but also visible in the management console.