OPSWAT OT & Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionHybrid


OPSWAT’s critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions offer end-to-end protection for OT/ICS environments for multiple zones within the Purdue Model.

To protect against outside threats, OT environments are most likely air gapped, but files entering these networks need to get there safely. OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosks scan, sanitize, and ingest files from all removable media at the point of entry, providing safe transport of the file into the OT environment via the protection of our Unidirectional Gateway. We do this by using up to 30 anti-virus engines, Deep CDR, vulnerability assessment, and country of origin detection before those files can be moved onto your secure network. OPSWAT’s NetWall Unidirectional Security Gateway physically ensures one-way communication so that critical networks are secure and compliant.

Additionally, organizations can’t protect what they can’t see. OPSWAT Neuralyzer is purpose-built for OT asset visibility and monitoring and creates a neural map – or baseline – of all OT assets.

Within the OT/ICS environment, files perform different functions, such as updating a PLC or upgrading firmware on an HMI. Those files live in OPSWAT’s secure file solution, MetaDefender Vault – ensuring that the file is scanned for threats, leveraging our patented, industry leading Deep CDR technology to ensure that that file is safe to use.

ICS/SCADA systems also need a last line of defense against threats when sending commands from an engineering workstation to the PLC or the HMI. OPSWAT OTfuse is an inline IPS and IDS solution, serving as that last line of defense to make sure that any commands being sent are meeting the profile that has been set.

OPSWAT offers a complete portfolio of effective, zero-trust ICS/SCADA security solutions as a single vendor, which is why 1,500 global organizations around the globe use OPSWAT solutions to protect their most critical operational assets.

How we are different

Deep CDR, Multiscanning, Country of Origin Detection, Proactive DLP, Endpoint Compliance, and other proven, industry leading cybersecurity technologies within its solution offerings to provide a higher level of critical infrastructure protection

OPSWAT is one of the only CIP organizations that provide comprehensive security solutions for both IT and OT environments that integrate together to provide the highest security – from just one vendor

OPSWAT is constantly innovating and meeting the growing demands of its customers. In the last year, OPSWAT launched Neuralyzer, MetaDefender Cloud Email Security, and acquired all assets of Filescan.io