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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)OptioLabs
Company size (employees)25
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

•Enterprises demand more security for their devices than basic Android and MDMs can deliver. OptioCore can monitor and secure all inter-process communication, giving enterprises the centralized fine-grained policy controls they need.
•OptioCore can push security policies to protect against zero-day exploits within minutes, instead of waiting months for OEMs and Carriers to deploy OS patches.
•OptioCore provides centralized control of system permissions, prohibiting any application from accessing resources or stealing data without enterprise approval, regardless of the permissions granted by users


OptioLabs has developed OptioCore, an embedded, secure mobile platform, to combat the modern risk of modern employees coming and going with potentially vital information (in other words, OptioCore plays an important role in preventing data loss through mobile devices and BYOD).

OptioCore is a framework that enhances Android at a fundamental level, offering customers comprehensive security controls. OptioCore offers highly tuned control over the flow of data and execution of actions on a mobile device. It is built directly into the mobile operating system and provides secure authentication and data management based on very fine grained and context-dependent policies. By setting OptioCore policies, you can modify operating system features to respond and adapt to unexpected threats like Stagefright, as well as the use of Stingrays.

Enterprise customers can centrally manage application permissions, preventing malicious apps from stealing enterprise data. Going beyond mobile device management (MDM), OptioCore enables the enterprise to control what each application can access, regardless of the permissions a user may have granted it.

OptioCore has been recognized as the only security solution able to meet stringent U.S. Federal government mobile security policies while maximizing the full range of productivity benefits of Android devices. Based on predetermined OptioCore policies, proximity authentication assures that employees are able to access sensitive data while in cleared locations, however, when employees depart the cleared location, sensitive data is no longer accessible. This process ensures that this data does not leave secured spaces or become compromised, with or without a user’s knowledge.

OptioCore can enforce sophisticated controls such as requiring that the VPN be active whenever certain applications are in use. It can control access to selected resources when the device is on unrecognized networks, and disable the camera, microphone and wireless capabilities when the device is in sensitive locations.