Osprey Security

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Company size (employees)10 - 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Osprey Security is a disruptive Cyber Security company transforming the way organizations can manage their cyber threat landscape by providing actionable security and risk intelligence using it's Patent Pending Technology and processes tailored to meet the organizationā€™s risk appetite.

Our product uses empirical data driven methods to provide unmatched insight into emerging threats and help organizations address them before they can be exploited causing an incident.

Our next generation machine learning based algorithms provide organizations with real-time threat intelligence, allowing them to proactively defend against cyber-attacks and help them counter with our evidence-based security platform.

Brief Overview

Based out of Silicon Valley, California, we are a CyberSecurity startup that is revolutionizing how the CyberSecurity space is secured! The need for our services is rapidly growing

Osprey Security is the only company with products providing actionable reporting capabilities, advanced threat intelligence, central risk respository, a zero-gap coverage, and integrations with various 3rd party solutions. Our products provide a unique value by helping our customers proactively address security threats based on consolidated and prioritized risk and security intelligence and incorporating actual attack patterns an adversary would use.

They are designed for simplicity, are easy to use, have a simple UI, easy deployment, and an all-inclusive feature set.

They are tailored for complex environments, providing a holistic view of an organizationā€™s threat and risk landscape, places context around systems and apps most at risk, track threats over time, and communites actionable insight to various stakeholders which improves an IT security teamsā€™ efficiency and effectiveness.

Our customers include fortune top 10 companies including the leading insurance company, financial services company, and various other entities with critical infrastracture, data, and assets to secure. We have build ton of IP (14 patents pending) with our next generation products