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CompanyLattice Semiconductor
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
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The past decade has brought about some incredible innovations to the technology sector. With valuable data and information being transferred through the cloud and across Infrastructure Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) systems, malicious actors are eager to attack. In fact, a study from Sophos recently reported that 66% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year. Meaning, it’s no longer a question of if, but when an organization will be attacked and, as a result, an organization’s cyber resilience strategy should be a top priority.

To help organizations and security professionals become more cyber resilient, Lattice Semiconductor hosts an ongoing educational program that includes free virtual seminars, blogs, panel discussions, and whitepapers all dedicated to the pillars of cyber resiliency – protection, detection, and recovery.

Key Capabilities / Features

At the heart of Lattice’s multi-platform cyber resiliency education program is a virtual security seminar series focused on cybersecurity and cyber resiliency across a wide range of use cases. Each seminar dives into cybersecurity challenges, opportunities, and solutions for a specific end market or use case, detailing areas of increased consideration and requirements such as Zero Trust security, supply chain regulations, confidentiality and integrity security, and post-quantum cryptography (PQC). To support developers as regulations and standards continue to change, a key aspect of the seminars is exploring and emphasizing how emerging security standards are shaping how solutions are built with protection in mind. The seminars discuss government regulation topics like The NIST SP 800 193 PFR Guidelines and The Trusted Computing Group’s Guidelines for Cyber Resilient Technologies—detailing how solutions are being built and protected, the three pivotal functions for maintaining a system's cyber resilience (safeguarding, detecting, and recovering) and why cyber resilience is such a critical initiative in today’s business climate.

These conversations are hosted by security experts at Lattice alongside panelists from various parts of the technology industry, providing diverse perspectives and expert knowledge from partners like Perseus Information Security Consulting, a cyber security consulting services provider helping organizations develop effective cybersecurity programs; Dekra Labs, one of the world’s leading expert organizations providing qualified and independent expert services; AMI, a global leader in Dynamic Firmware for security, orchestration, and manageability solutions; and ADI, a wholesale distributor of security.

Amidst the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, enterprise leaders need to educate themselves and their organization on how to mitigate threats. With Lattice’s comprehensive content, enterprise leaders can gain enhanced insight into the evolving challenges, opportunities, and requirements associated with building cyber resilient systems—enabling them to be better equipped to understand the intricacies of cyber threats and vulnerabilities to make informed decisions.

How we are different

• Lattice charts the cyber resiliency path by orchestrating an ongoing cybersecurity awareness program that gathers trusted expert voices, sparks dynamic discussions on cyber resiliency, and provides insights-packed, publicly available resources.

• Lattice’s program enriches understanding of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape by offering in-depth insights, real-world illustrations, and actionable information, effectively addressing the intricate facets of cyber resilience.

• Lattice's strategic collaboration with key partners and internal experts infuses the industry with a wealth of expert knowledge and diverse perspectives.