Partners Preventing Cybercrime: Armor Cloud Security and AWS

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CompanyArmor Cloud Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Armor simplifies protecting workloads and helps organizations comply with major regulatory frameworks and controls across AWS and hybrid clouds. We stop attacks before they happen and provide the resources to react when they do.

Not only does Armor stop attacks from happening, but we help customers reduce the risks of accidentally exposing customer and company data to the internet. With Armor’s cloud security posture management (CSPM) feature, customers have full insights into their AWS cloud asset, can monitor their security posture to see if they are drifting from desired posture, and are equipped to realign and improve their posture.

One of the greatest benefits of Armor is the effectiveness of Armor’s threat detection capabilities. As a certified AWS Security Competency Partner, Armor is deeply embedded within AWS and can gather logs from various AWS services such as from Amazon’s VPC Flow Logs, GuardDuty, and CloudWatch to enhance the security context and effectiveness of threat detection in a customer’s environment.

Armor enables DevOps practitioners in AWS to align to their CI/CD model. Customers can spin up Armor utilizing AWS CloudFormation templates to allow for quick and reliable provisioning of applications to include security. Additionally, Armor allows for bursting, ensuring that security can scale up and down with a customer’s business.
Unlike other cloud security providers in AWS, Armor provides robust, enterprise-grade security capabilities with compliance deeply integrated. The solution is customized to meet the needs of customers in AWS. Armor not only detects threats but also helps customers eliminate those threats ensuring they continue to grow their business.

As one Armor customer stated, “With Armor and AWS combined, we now have protection in key portions of our tech stack and visibility into potential areas for improvement in the areas that AWS is not responsible for.”

How we are different

• Through the Armor Management Portal, Armor Anywhere customers have real-time transparency and control of their Armor-protected AWS workloads.
• As a certified AWS Security Competency Partner, Armor can gather and correlate logs from a range of AWS services, leading to enhanced security insights and the most effective threat detection for varied cloud environments.
• Armor’s focus on simplifying and accelerating compliance means AWS customers who utilize Armor Anywhere and who need to adhere to stringent compliance frameworks can do so with the security of inherited compliance controls.