PAS Cyber Integrity

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CompanyPAS, Inc.
Company size (employees)165
Type of solutionSoftware


PAS Cyber Integrity™ is the only software product in the market that gathers complete configuration information on proprietary industrial control systems (ICS) including I/O card, firmware, software installed, and control logic data. It does so across the variety of ICS vendors found in a typical industrial facility. With this data, Cyber Integrity automates configuration management allowing process control engineers and cybersecurity personnel to baseline the data that matters most for security, engineering, governance, or compliance purposes. The software detects changes against those baselines driving investigatory and remediating actions with risk-based, workflow-driven incident response protocols.

Inventory and configuration management capabilities are commonplace within IT-focused cybersecurity solutions, which comprise only 20% of the cyber assets found in an industrial facility. Cyber Integrity is the first product to bring these capabilities to proprietary ICS – the remaining 80 percent and the assets most responsible for production and safety in a power generation or industrial process company. Cyber Integrity also provides automated, closed-loop patch management, compliance management, and backup and recovery features.

PAS Cyber Integrity:
• Hardens industrial control system cyber assets from cyber threats
• Enables internal and regulatory compliance requirements (e.g., NERC CIP, IEC 62443, NIST 800-82)
• Reduces compliance and operational efforts by up to 90%
• Prevents unplanned downtime due to unauthorized changes
• Manages across all major control system manufacturers

PAS Cyber Integrity is built on a widely deployed platform that is architected to manage the complexity and diversity of systems found within an enterprise. Finally, Cyber Integrity reflects over twenty-three years of industrial control system expertise built across customers that include 13 of the top 15 chemical companies, 10 of the top 15 refining companies, and 5 of the top 15 power companies worldwide.

How we are different

PAS Cyber Integrity™ is the only software to inventory complete configuration data for a previously unaddressed class of cyber assets – proprietary industrial control systems.

PAS Cyber Integrity enables established cybersecurity best practices – inventory, configuration, patch, and compliance management – for the systems most responsible for production and safety in an industrial facility.

PAS Cyber Integrity replaces manual, ineffective processes with software automation reducing full-time equivalent efforts, enabling good engineering best practices, and hardening proprietary ICS from external and internal threats.