Additional Info
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Reflecting its over 120 satisfied customers including fortune-500 companies, Perch boasts a 100% renewal rate in 2018. The company also saw series A investment of $9m from existing and new investment partners this year. With a strong focus on maintaining open communication with customers, Perch continually expands its feature set to include highly-requested features and integrations.

How we are different

• Automating participation in sharing communities.
Sharing communities like ISACs and ISAOs are fantastic sources of industry-specific threat intelligence – and while membership comes with threat intelligence, it doesn’t come with the tools you need to use it! Perch connects the dots by automating community threat intelligence so you don’t have to try to protect your network from your email inbox.

• Putting intel to work beyond threat detection.
Perch facilitates (and encourages) consuming threat intel from multiple sources, rather than limiting the user to or focusing on proprietary threat intel generated by the vendor (us). As an effect of this choice, Perch provides an enhanced view of your threat posture using peer-to-peer comparison. It shows how your institution compares to others in each threat-sharing community, as well as measuring the effectiveness of each threat intel source. Attack trends, types and volume of threats detected on your network, and more is readily accessible to lend greater insight into the strength of your cyber defense.

• Ideal combination of man and machine.
Perch puts aside assumptions that lead customers to the “traditional” approach, and claims much higher efficiencies in both human talent and technology investments. Human-led and machine-driven, Perch acts as a pulley system – giving your existing tools and resources more power. Automating threat intelligence, Perch detects threats on your network while allowing the user to set-it-and-forget-it; but also provides tools and visibility to combine our human resources with yours, making it an ideal way to augment internal SOC teams.