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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Our unique, holistic perspective: we are passionate about simplifying the core functions of cyber threat intelligence, and making it accessible to every single organization, regardless of size. We know that cost and complexity hinder most organizations from ever building a threat intel program, and that hurts the entire industry. That's sad. Threat intel use shouldn't be exclusively attainable by the world's largest organizations. Everyone should be able to participate and defend themselves regardless of size.

Perch is the world's first Community Defense Platform. We allow you to automatically detect and respond to the threats that others in your community are warning you about. We are separate from threat intelligence providers, focusing on enabling the most effective and relevant threat intelligence for each user.

Perch enables sharing communities. ISACs and ISAOs have high percentages of their member base who are unable to use their threat intel because of prohibitive cost and complexity. By making their threat intelligence accessible and functional for ALL their members, the sharing community is stronger and more valuable to the entire industry.

Brief Overview

Perch Security believes that every organization should be able to defend itself based upon the threats that others in their industry are warning them about. To this end, Perch created the world’s first Community Defense Platform.

Perch empowers any organization from small sole proprietors to large multi-national enterprises to detect and respond to threats based upon intelligence from others in their industry communities. By partnering with ISACs and ISAOs, Perch’s mission is facilitate the sharing of valuable industry-specific cyber threat intel, combined analyst efforts throughout the industry to gain a cumulative, effective defense against attacks for all the members of the community.

Prior to Perch, over 90% of organizations could not leverage this value cyber threat intel. The costs of hardware and software integration, analyst costs, and the complexities of building a threat intel program were far too difficult for all but the largest of organizations. Perch provides a Community Defense Platform that is reasonably priced and allows organizations of all sizes to share and participate in the cyber intel process.

Perch is an ideal partner for the sharing community, which is exponentially stronger and more valuable when every single member is able to defend themselves based upon the threats that others in their industry are sharing.