PerimeterX Bot Defender

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


PerimeterX Bot Defender is the most powerful, accurate and proven bot detection solution that safeguards modern web and mobile applications and APIs, with machine learning-based behavioral analytics that achieve the highest level of detection accuracy and scalability. It includes the most comprehensive set of integrations for seamless deployment into any infrastructure, saving time on configuration and security incidents.

Bot Defender defeats leading bot threats including, but not limited to:
– Content Scraping – Stops automated bots from scraping price data and proprietary content
– Account Takeover – Prevents malicious bots from using credential stuffing and other techniques to take over legitimate user accounts
– Checkout Abuse – Stops bot attacks that deplete apparent inventory levels without executing purchase transactions or purchase limited availability items for resale
– Marketing Fraud – Ensures that affiliate and PPC activity is generated only by real users, not malicious bots
– Mobile App Attacks – Only allows genuine mobile apps to access APIs, not emulators or automated control processes

Bot Defender comes with 24/7/365 security analyst oversight. By blocking unwanted bots, PerimeterX customers see up to 80% reduction in infrastructure costs, saving resources spent on serving automated traffic. For example, two days before a major Thanksgiving sale, Shiekh Shoes implemented PerimeterX to stop bot attacks and avoid site outages during the largest online shopping weekend of the year. This liberated their team from concerns about unplanned outages and provided additional network capacity to serve human shoppers.

Knowing how bad actors can compromise websites is just part of the process; understanding how to solve the problem is even more important. According to Robert Conrad, Head of Engineering at Crunchbase, “PerimeterX Bot Defender is invaluable in stopping the bots that can scrape or compromise our data. It minimizes the false positives that can frustrate site users and waste our staff’s time and resources.”

How we are different

- Unmatched Bot Detection Accuracy: Bot Defender is a highly accurate, self-learning solution with real-time decision-making capabilities. It’s the only bot management solution that accurately identifies and quantifies false positives in real time with a global rate of 0.01%. The new PerimeterX Human Challenge feature helps protect against advanced hyper-distributed attacks and is easy for humans to solve. Also, the new PortalX provides a modern look, advanced analytics, investigation and reporting in the front console, as well as introducing many self-serve management capabilities empowering the customers to perform tuning and get insights to optimize the integration.
- Deployment Flexibility: PerimeterX offers seamless and lightweight integration with existing web or mobile applications and infrastructure, including low-latency overhead without the need to install an in-line appliance or add a reverse proxy to the traffic flow. Native integration with dozens of third-party services from CDN to Analytics to SIEM enable customers full control of their bot mitigation strategy.
- Real-time Security Operations and Services: Since we are in a fierce arms race with ever-evolving and sophisticated attackers, we must complete any product with great support and services for our customers. PerimeterX offers best-in-class service and responsiveness, fully tailored onboarding and 24/7365 security analyst oversight. As a part of our offering we provide proactive threat management with a dedicated SOC and by engaging and partnering with customers in real-time through Slack channels. We see this as a key component of a long-term, successful relationship.