Persona: The Industry’s First Unified Identity Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Persona is the industry’s first unified identity platform that helps businesses mitigate online fraud and meet ever-evolving compliance standards. Persona’s unique approach provides the building blocks to build and operate a business’ unique identity process end-to-end. Under the hood, Persona connects, centralizes and orchestrates all fragmented identity data, disparate systems and identity operations under a single infrastructure.

Persona displaces the traditional approach to identity by offering a single source of truth that helps companies connect, centralize and orchestrate all fragmented identity data, disparate systems and identity operations under one infrastructure.

Under the hood, Persona’s configurable building blocks allow organizations to tailor and streamline each stage of their unique identity processes. Building blocks include:

1.Verifications: the industry’s most robust and fully-automated suite of international verification tools—e.g., database, documentary, biometric, digital ID, and behavioral signals.

2.Dynamic Flow: the first dynamic risk assessment engine that customizes the way businesses collect and verify information based on real-time signals.

3.Cases: a fully-customizable investigation center that can be tailored and optimized for every team’s unique internal review processes.

4.Workflows: a flexible no-code identity process automation builder that can ingest data, automate complex decisions, and trigger actions.

5.Graph: a link analysis and fraud investigation solution that proactively surfaces hidden fraud rings and detects new fraud patterns.

6.Marketplace: a robust library of integrations with identity data providers and business productivity applications that enables organizations to unsilo and connect identity data to their business systems for better decision-making and automation.

Each of Persona’s products work independently and in tandem with each other, allowing businesses to tailor the experience and friction for their customers, while taking into account the risk associated with each transaction and user the business is willing to take on.

How we are different

1.Persona quickly emerged as the dominant leader in the red-hot market for identity verification (IDV), with the first end-to-end identity infrastructure platform that supports all businesses across all types of use cases. Their technology is unmatched, leveraging the latest in biometrics and verification technology to ensure companies meet compliance requirements, fight fraud, and build trust and safety.

2.In just three years since launch, Persona has raised $217.5 million—at a $1.5 billion valuation—from the biggest names in venture capital, including Founders Fund, Meritech Capital Partners, BOND, Index Ventures and Coatue Management.

3.The company has attracted dozens of high-growth companies as customers, including Square, Coursera, Robinhood, Gusto, BlockFi, Sonder and Brex.