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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Persona is an all-in-one identity platform that takes a unique automation-first approach to enable businesses to securely collect, verify and manage customers’ identities from one place. The company was co-founded by CEO Rick Song and CTO Charles Yeh in 2018 with the mission to be the identity layer of the internet. While existing market solutions have historically taken a one-size-fits-all approach for a problem that is in many ways very specific to each business and use case, Persona’s solutions leverage automation to adapt to any business need. Its platform offers a suite of verification components including government ID, database, biometrics and tools to help teams automate decisions and manual reviews. Persona enables businesses of all sizes, from pre-seed to established enterprise, and across various industries – including Square, Brex, Sonder and Outdoorsy – to configure their own customer verification flows and build operational workflows to automate their compliance, trust and safety and fraud prevention decisions. It is global, with coverage in over 190 countries and in 18 languages, offering one of the widest ranges of verification options in the industry.

How we are different

Privacy – Historic market solutions are still using human review to address the complex and multidimensional problem of IDV. This approach contributes to identity theft and fraud by exposing people’s personally identifiable information (PII) to contractors across the world, leaving a massive impact on businesses and individuals. Our platform was built with privacy as its core: our fully automated solution allows us to act as a “PII custodian” of sorts, protecting businesses from liability in the world of data breaches and complying with GDPR and CCPA. And without humans reviewing end users’ sensitive personal information, Persona ensures data access is confined only to those who need it.
Flexibility – Solutions that exist are often use-case or industry specific and do not offer the possibility to tailor for a business risk tolerance or need. Persona’s solutions make it easier for businesses to verify their customers' identities as it adapts to each business use-case, taking into account user base, regulatory requirements, appetite for risk, and unique required verifications. Additionally, we take a holistic approach to identity verification combining passive signals like IP address analysis and active challenges such as live selfies to tailor the experience to each individual resulting in expanded access, improved conversion, and reduced fraud. We recently launched Starter, the first permanent free solution enabling customers to quickly and easily get started with IDV.
Ease of use – Unlike existing complex market solutions, making it difficult for customers to integrate and hard for individuals to use, Persona is incredibly easy to integrate with just 10 lines of code or a no-code version that a business could start using to verify their users within minutes. Persona’s platform also includes automated workflows, streamlining identity verification for customers. For example, they can build customized routing logic or auto-assign review tasks to specific individuals.