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Ping Identity is a Denver-based company that provides identity security solutions to more than 2,000 of the world’s largest companies, government organizations and cloud businesses, including more than half of the Fortune 100. Ping has established a market-leading position in identity and access management; since 2002, the company has maintained a 95 percent customer renewal rate across its services. In the past year, Ping has experienced significant company, product and sales growth as it continues to push the industry forward with key initiatives that shape the identity and access management landscape.

In October, Ping launched the Identity Defined Security Alliance with AirWatch, Netskope and ThreatMetrix, which places identity at the center of security, and delivers a new blueprint for CISOs to design a comprehensive identity defined security platform. In November, Ping was named an inaugural member of Google’s “Recommended for Google Apps for Work” program. The company teamed up with Google to provide joint enterprise customers a seamless Google for Work experience by integrating applications with the Google login, providing secure access and single sign-on to enterprise applications running everywhere.

In 2015, Ping saw higher rates of efficient growth at scale, investing meaningfully to drive growth, while managing its business at near break-even levels. Ping Identity’s 2015 performance includes:
Strong growth rates: ARR growth of more than 40 percent, and an expectation to grow ARR to more than $100 million in 2016
Expansion of product portfolio that helped deliver higher deal sizes, particularly with Ping’s secure access and multi-factor authentication products (PingAccess and PingID), which now account for over a quarter of total bookings
Nearly 50 percent of bookings from solutions to manage external identities: Rapid growth in solutions beyond employee identity management, including customer and partner solutions
Strong international performance, adding new data centers in Germany and ANZ

How we are different

-In today’s mobile-first world, identity has emerged as the lynchpin that CIOs can incorporate into their security strategies to keep their corporate data safe by making it accessible to the right people at the right time. Everyone who touches the enterprise -- employees, customers and partners -- needs access to business critical apps quickly, easily and securely. Ping Identity Defined Security makes this possible by putting identity at the center of the organization’s security architecture.

-Ping enables organizations to provide better security and seamless access to applications with continuous evaluation of authentication and authorization factors. Ping also provides solutions for a variety of use cases that apply to the workforce, consumers and enterprise partners throughout the supply chain, turning identity into the steel thread that powers access and security for the modern borderless enterprise.

-Ping secures more than 1.3 billion identities through its multi-factor and contextual authentication, single-sign on, federated identity administration and access management solutions, making it the only IAM provider that meets the needs of the modern enterprise. Ping is the only IAM provider to solve identity challenges for enterprises in all stages of cloud adoption whether they are 100 percent in the cloud or hybrid, so they can keep legacy investments while adopting new technologies at their own pace.