PKWARE Data Redaction

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


PKWARE’s automated data redaction technology detects credit card numbers and replaces the middle six digits of each card number with asterisks, rendering them unusable. Other file contents remain unchanged. Redaction takes files out of scope for PCI DSS requirements, and ensures that cardholder data will not be exposed in the event of a computer theft or other security event.

How we are different

1. While most organizations have solutions that protect card numbers in database environments, they lack the ability to enforce security policies when card numbers are saved in files on user devices or servers. PKWARE Data Redaction allows organizations to gain the same level of control over unstructured data that they have over their structured data today.

2. Unlike encryption or tokenization, redaction is a non-reversible process, so files containing redacted card numbers are no longer subject to PCI DSS requirements. This reduces the cost and complexity of PCI auditing, and reduces the possibility of an audit failure or data breach.

3. Since redacted files do not contain usable credit card data, they can be shared via email or other means without the need for potentially complex encryption, and without violating PCI requirements.