PKWARE’s PK Protect Endpoint Security Solution

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


PK Protect’s PK Endpoint Manager (PEM) controls the protection of data on endpoints across the enterprise. It then provides enterprise IT, security and audit personnel with visibility into which files are sensitive, the users who accessed them, the devices they were on, and where the events took place.

Within PK Protect are four solutions that specifically secure endpoints:

• PK Discovery: Purpose-built to locate, identify, count, and report all sensitive data, from data repositories and servers—both on-premises and cloud-based—to endpoint files. It then continuously monitors endpoints, servers, and enterprise solutions for sensitive information.

• PK Encryption: PK Encryption encrypts data at all endpoints, providing persistent data-level encryption for email messages and attachments, using an Outlook plugin that incorporates encryption and decryption without disrupting typical user workflows.

• PK Masking: Applies masking or redaction of sensitive information across petabytes of data on endpoints and beyond. It reduces retention of sensitive data by automatically and permanently removing it as soon as it appears in files on computers, file servers, or in other network locations.

• PK Classification: Classifies data based on custom or predefined policies to ensure sensitive data security and privacy. Classification tags stay with files and emails wherever they travel, thereby informing users and automated systems on the type of data being handled.

PK Protect has been deployed as the enterprise-wide data governance program for more than a dozen high-ranking Fortune 100 companies and remains in place today. Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide are working with PKWARE to deploy its data security solutions, including seven of the top 10 largest financial services companies in the world. According to a recent survey, 100% of organizations that use PKWARE found sensitive data they didn’t know existed in their data repositories and endpoint files.

How we are different

• PKWARE’s PK Protect solution suite with endpoint security removes the guesswork and legwork for customers by eliminating data security gaps and automating the management and protection of sensitive information across the enterprise, including on endpoints, servers and more. PK Protect allows IT personnel and executives to focus on business strategy, rather than monitoring the security of their technology. Additionally, employees can work without disruption or putting company data at risk, since PKWARE automatically handles their security needs and requirements.

• PKWARE provides a holistic data security strategy for endpoints, while some competitors only provide partial protection. To secure endpoints, PKWARE detects sensitive data as files are created and modified, and takes automated action based on company policy. When sensitive data are detected on laptops, desktops, mobile phones or other points of entry, PKWARE immediately applies the correct form of remediation (classification, encryption, masking, quarantine or deletion).

• Most security technology focuses on where data is. PKWARE’s data-centric security focuses on what needs to be protected—files containing sensitive information—and applies the appropriate form of protection, no matter where the data happens to be. This means, even when data is transferred outside of the organization, it will still be protected through encryption, masking or other services.