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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


FireMon Automation is a comprehensive set of policy automation management solutions designed to chart the course to smart security process automation. FireMon Automation detects and computes dynamic environment changes and adjusts the policy accordingly based on the compliance requirements and as defined in templates, the golden rules and fast track access, with the appropriate guardrails. The system is also designed to automatically fix rogue out-of-band changes done at the device level, due to lack of knowledge, a change made directly from a firewall vendor console, or in cases of credential leaks and lateral movement in case of a breach.

FireMon Automation provides specific capabilities for a variety of use cases, based on the environment, workflow, governance or type of request required. This may include the launch of a new application or security event. For example:
• A security threat event: SOAR, IDS, device posture change events;
• Changes to an existing service or application: such as a new VM, or DNS services; scaling and reliability, network change;
• A new service or application rollout: completely new application launch; or
• A ticket-based change and commit.

In addition, FireMon Automation integrates application services and business processes across security technologies including cloud platforms and other infrastructure management tools, such as SOAR and ITSM products.

How we are different

• Removing the conundrum of what or how much to automate, FireMon Automation aligns security automation to meet enterprises where they are in their digital transformation initiative. By mapping to the current workflow and processes, FireMon gives customers the flexibility to automate at their own pace and confidence level. FireMon is not proposing a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach, rather, automation that allows customers to keep their hands on the wheel, and ultimately free up the resources of an already short-staffed team, to enable speed, lower risk and close the innovation gap.

• FireMon’s patent-pending Compute Engine enables FireMon Automation to be contextually aware of the environment, detect environmental network change, compute the current state and efficiently utilize the abstractions in order to immediately and continuously re-calibrate and deploy policy changes. The secret sauce is Continuous Adaptive Enforcement™ which allows policy management to continue after deployment.

• Only FireMon delivers a multi-path approach to security process automation in FireMon Automation, the single policy management platform that closes the gap between business and security to lower network security risk. As a central point control FireMon Automation stops the revolving door of compliance violations by checking compliance proactively prior to implementation; reduces human error by preventing mistakes that increase the enterprise attack surface; removes the friction between DevOps and SecOps to deliver security at speed and improves the SLAs; and delivers hybrid and multi-vendor abstractions that simplify operations, and ease migration to next-gen networks.