Pondurance Managed Detection & Response

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Pondurance Managed Detection & Response is a 24/7 managed security service that applies dynamic defense methodology to protect clients from current and future threats. Unlike other MDR service providers, Pondurance doesn’t just rely on AI and automation; it employs a combination of proprietary AI and ML technologies with humans and human intelligence, which is critical when it comes to identifying real threats. The elite and well-trained security analysts, threat hunters and incident responders that are unique to Pondurance have often been the difference between swift containment and business impact. Pondurance MDR provides 360-degree visibility across endpoint, network, log and cloud environments to remove blind spots.

The service is powered by a unique proprietary cloud-native platform, Scope, that integrates with customers’ existing infrastructure to provide around-the-clock managed detection and response. Scope is a scalable XDR platform that ingests billions of events and applies a 4-dimensional detection strategy to enable 5x better detection, 80% lower false positives, and 90% less manual analysis.

In addition to detecting active threats that other MDR providers cannot, Pondurance proactively hunts for latent threats that evade automated detection. The MDR service takes a holistic approach to both preventing and detecting threats, incorporating Incident Response services that speed response times and enable the instant triage of threats. Because of its holistic nature, the level of continuity and critical time-based response is unique, as an additional third party is not needed. Additionally, the Pondurance team’s closed-loop response results in substantial cost-savings.

Pondurance MDR contains the digital forensic and incident response expertise, which means the service not only manages detection, but the response as well. By providing clients consulting with everything from penetration testing to red team exercises, Pondurance provides incident response and continuity planning to put you in the best position to defend against and respond to cyberattacks.

How we are different

Pondurance delivers world-class MDR services to customers facing urgent cybersecurity challenges, including ransomware, threats to remote workforces and tougher compliance demands. The company combines an advanced MDR platform with an experienced team of security analysts, threat hunters and incident responders that continuously hunt, investigate and contain attacks. Pondurance’s dedicated U.S.-based team of elite analysts dramatically reduce the time it takes to respond to a threat; rapid human intervention means swift containment before there’s an impact on the business. In addition, Pondurance services seamlessly integrate with a customer’s existing team and tools, and provides adaptive tuning to improve security and optimize efficiency over time.

Only the largest organizations can run an entire SOC internally. Pondurance is focused on serving the security requirements of SMBs and mid-size organizations who often are unable to run their own SOC, but still need protection. The Pondurance SOC provides 24x7x365 protection and the security skill set of its team to provide SMBs and mid-size organizations with both the security controls and human expertise that they might otherwise lack. And for those customers that already have some security controls in place, Pondurance easily integrates with their existing infrastructure.

By providing 360° visibility across log, endpoint, network, and cloud environments backed by a scalable XDR platform, Pondurance prevents active cyberthreats, removes blind spots and reduces the time it takes to respond. The Scope platform ingests billions of events and applies a 4-dimensional threat detection strategy to enable 5x better detection, 80% lower false positives, and 90% less manual analysis. Because Pondurance MDR also includes digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) services, if a threat is experienced or suspected, the DFIR team immediately kicks into gear to identify, contain, eradicate and recover from the breach, providing closed-loop response and mitigation.