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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Portnox is able to address the NAC needs of both traditional and digitally transformative enterprises and SMEs. Whether the organization requires secure on-premise solutions to manage access or is cloud-first and ready to embrace cloud IT architecture, Portnox has agile, efficient and secure solutions. Portnox’s solutions have been deployed in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, government, military, finance, high tech, retail and education – attesting to the strength and flexibility of the company’s solutions, no matter the area of application.
• Portnox prides itself on being able to address emerging security needs through its network access control solutions. The recent surge in Internet of Things security breaches is surmountable with the IoT Radar, applied across both solutions, which provides full visibility into IoT devices, their characteristics, locations and lingering vulnerabilities. In addition, Portnox understands that while organizations need to control network access, deployment, maintenance and support tie IT down and consume valuable resources. For this reason, Portnox strives to ensure that simple deployment and maintenance are key characteristics of its product offerings.
• Not only does Portnox secure and control network access, the company’s solutions are able to address emerging cyber risks such as ransomware and malware. By providing tools for spotting potential network vulnerabilities, including missing patch, anti-virus and OS updates, and automatically controlling them, Portnox’s solutions provide information that can be used to stop ransomware and malware in their tracks. In the unfortunate event of a cyberattack, Portnox’s solutions provide robust remediation capabilities including: remotely disconnecting network endpoints – no matter their location, remote installation of necessary patch updates, as well as providing system-wide scans for vulnerable endpoints and network assets.

Brief Overview

Portnox has been a leader in the Network Access Control solutions market for over a decade by consistently pivoting its offerings to address emerging network security challenges. Portnox offers two NAC solutions: CORE, an on-premise, agentless solution, and CLEAR, a cloud-based solution.
Portnox was recognized as a “pure play NAC vendor” in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Network Access Control”. In addition, the research group 451 Research wrote an Impact Report reviewing Portnox’s NAC solutions. The report, published in May 2017, concluded that: “Portnox is helping to redefine the value proposition of NAC, tilting toward visibility and flexibility.”
Portnox has received positive feedback from its customers over the years. With deployments in the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Portnox’s solutions serve a diversity of clients in a number of industries. As a result of Portnox’s efforts to provide clients with innovative NAC solutions, such its cloud NAC solution for the digitally transformative enterprise, paired with strong support and customization capabilities, the company received five stars on Gartner Peer Insights from healthcare, media and manufacturing C-Suites. One of the top benefits of Portnox, noted in the Peer Insights review, is that its solutions are easily deployable and provide full visibility into the network.
One of Portnox’s notable clients, a large private hospital organization with global offices, was able to gain full control and visibility into their complex device environment. The customer had a divergent and distributed network, both geographically and technologically. Therefore, a reliable access control solution that could be deployed from a central location, providing real-time and accurate network visibility, control and management capabilities was required. Portnox deployed its CORE on-premise NAC solution, and within days, the organization had complete visibility and control of their complex device environment.