Portnox CLEAR

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Company SeparatorNetwork Access Control
Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Portnox
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Product SeparatorSecurity-as-a-Service
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• CLEAR is the first cloud-based network access control solution that enables administrators to control network access on and off campus, and in every location. By deploying a cloud-based Network Access Control solution, organizations can effectively expand their access control coverage to account for workplace mobility and corporate expansion.
• As a Security-as-a-Service solution, CLEAR’s pricing model is subscription and use-based, similar to many other cloud services. That means organizations no longer need to pay upfront for the number of ports that they want to protect; rather, organizations are charged according to their level of use together with a one-time subscription fee. This allows CISOs and CSOs to turn what used to be a capital expenditure to secure company ports into an operational expenditure that is flexible and fluid.
• CLEAR’s differentiating factor is that it not only protects networks from business risks arising from digital transformation, but it is itself a part of digital transformation in that it is a Security-as-a-Service solution. By deploying a cloud-based network access control solution, IT teams no longer have to dedicate their time to deploying, maintaining and supporting their NAC solution because, as a cloud service, CLEAR most of the work for them. CLEAR provides admins and IT teams with valuable information on their networks to help improve performance, optimize their security stack and devise a security strategy that fits their organizational needs.

Brief Overview

Portnox CLEAR is a cloud-based network access control solution that simplifies the management of emerging cyber risks for SMBs and enterprises. CLEAR has all of the benefits of a Security-as-a-Service solution paired with robust access controls, network visibility and risk monitoring capabilities.

CLEAR augments network security by providing continuous endpoint visibility, including real-time risk assessments of all endpoints in all locations, as well as discovery and visibility of Internet of Things and BYOD devices. Using machine learning-derived data, CLEAR generates unique risk scores for each device, allowing network administrators to create accurate risk profiles of their networks, helping them gain an understanding of underlying network vulnerabilities. In addition, CLEAR allows network administrators to automate their access policies based on device risk scores, prompt administrator reactions such as patch, anti-virus and OS updates, and create productive access policies with the goal of preventing unauthorized access. Another of CLEAR’s key features includes risk management tools, creating threat intelligence feeds for endpoints and network vulnerabilities, a thorough analytical engine for analyzing network data and understanding endpoint behavior, as well as tools to implement compliance protocols. CLEAR aims to minimize digital business risk associated with processes of digital transformation including: IoT, BYOD, cloud computing and the mobile workforce by controlling access, thereby minimizing exposure to emerging cyber threats. With CLEAR, control exposure to digital business risk by securely controlling access for every user, every device, everywhere.