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Company size (employees)10 - 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Portnox CORE offers complete visibility and security to networks for protection against IoT, mobile and connected device threats.
Traversing all networking layers – Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and the cloud, Portnox CORE analyzes and controls all users and devices in real-time on the enterprise network from one central location. Often it’s difficult to identify all devices on the network, but Portnox NAC “speaks” directly and natively with all existing switches, wireless access controllers, routers and firewalls to provide complete visibility to all devices currently connected to the network.
Portnox is agentless and communicates natively over remote protocols with the connected devices to validate type, compliance and identity of the user using them, whether they’re user-driven devices (laptops, desktops) or connected things (VoIP phones, time attendance, etc.). Every decision factors in the device, network and the user or device’s prior behavior to ensure only the right devices are allowed into the right network segments. When an unknown or malicious device is found, Portnox CORE offers two crucial features, prevention and response. Portnox can block or limit the access of unknown devices and virtually integrate with ANY detection product using its automated response module. Once an alert about abnormalities is received, it can perform an enforcement action on that device – acting as the long arm of any security product. Response includes automatically blocking, limiting access, or quarantining suspected devices – all working to protect and prevent against attacks in the network. Response can also be remediation where Portnox tries to fix problems – including installing a missing anti-virus. The software also offers pre-and post-connection control, so it is flexible, depending on user, device, location, compliance and time.
Unified network management, without changes to network infrastructure, device profiling, authentication, authorization and remediation all make Portnox fast and easy to deploy and maintain.

How we are different

• This agentless solution traverses all network layers, Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPS and even the cloud, to analyze and control all connected users and devices regardless of location from one central location.

• Portnox NAC offers enhancements in the whole lifecycle of cybersecurity – prevention, detection and response which is crucial especially when considering the latest IoT breaches. Portnox does all of that by preventing unauthorized devices and non-compliant device accessing sensitive parts of the network, by segmenting the network and thus making detection much more accurate and by directly responding to events either from its own internal events or from other 3rd party security products - responses which includes automatically blocking, limiting access, or quarantining suspected devices – all working to protect against attacks against the network.

• Most NAC solutions are far too complex to deploy, scale and manage. Not only Portnox solves the technical problem by easy deployment with no appliances, agents or network changes required, Portnox NAC also solve a political issue by delivering different values to different teams of the IT.