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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Pradeo
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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Pradeo Security draws its accuracy from its unique machine intelligence mechanism refined over billions of security facts. First, the solution analyses the mobile environment to get a precise understanding of the security context. Second, Pradeo’s patented AI-based engine processes each fact, leveraging advanced combinatorial algorithms. By performing a multidimensional analysis, Pradeo Security automatically replicates the accuracy of a manual detection, automatically and on a large scale, answering organizations needs of precise and time-saving solutions.

Pradeo Security Mobile Application Security Testing solution is available as a ready-to-use platform, as an API to integrate within developers’ environment or directly through IBM MaaS360 UEM.

Throughout the years, Pradeo has developed a large network of partners that includes Atos, BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, VMware, 42Gears, FancyFon, Splunk, Syslog, ArcSight and IBM QRadar. Pradeo Security Mobile Application Security Testing is integrated with IBM MaaS360 to ease the validation of the security level of applications prior to their distribution toward managed mobile devices.

Brief Overview

Pradeo Security Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) aims at ensuring that applications distributed to collaborators, partners and clients do not feature unwanted or malicious behaviors and vulnerabilities.

• Ready-to-use: Pradeo Security is available in SaaS, on premise or as an API to integrate within the development environment. It only requires applications’ executable file to run an analysis, no source code is required.
• Behaviors detection: Pradeo Security Mobile Application Security Testing automatically performs the most trustworthy static and dynamic analysis to identify and qualify all malicious and unwanted behaviors.
• Vulnerabilities detection: Pradeo identifies all the vulnerabilities referenced by the US national vulnerability database, the OWASP mobile security project, US-cert, etc. As well as many internal ones. Then, it provides clear corrective actions.
• Universality: Pradeo is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows UI to allow organizations to carry out all their tests within one unified tool.
• Remediation: Pradeo Security automatically remedies applications unwanted behaviors. In one click, it repackages applications according to the security policy.
• Customization: A good security policy must suit organizations requirements. Pradeo allows its administrators to personalize their security policy so it entirely fits their context.