Pradeo Security MTD

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Pradeo
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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Throughout the years, Pradeo has developed a large network of partners that includes Atos, BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, VMware, 42Gears, FancyFon, Splunk, Syslog, ArcSight and IBM QRadar. Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense is integrated with the UEM of above-mentioned partners to facilitate the incorporation of mobile security within any existing ecosystems.
Furthermore, Pradeo and Samsung have launched the solution Pradeo Security MTD for Samsung in January 2018, a solution dedicated to the protection of Samsung mobile devices. Pradeo is currently the only mobile security provider that has a common solution with Samsung, globally.

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense draws its accuracy from its unique machine intelligence mechanism refined over billions of security facts. First, the solution analyses the mobile environment to get a precise understanding of the security context. Second, Pradeo’s patented AI-based engine processes each fact, leveraging advanced combinatorial algorithms. By performing a multidimensional analysis, Pradeo Security automatically replicates the accuracy of a manual detection, automatically and on a large scale, answering organizations needs of precise and time-saving solutions.

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense relies on an on-device agent (a mobile application) that automatically checks mobile devices integrity in real-time. That way, it ensures an immediate detection and blocking of any threats.

Brief Overview

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) protects the mobile workforce and its data. It has been designed to tackle the onslaught of mobile threats. The solution aims at protecting collaborators mobile devices so that they don’t become a weak link of organizations’ IT security. As cyber threats target mobile devices by operating at the application, the network and the device-level, Pradeo Security protects mobile devices with a 360° approach and secures all of these entry points.

Most mobile threats do not have viral signatures. In order to detect and prevent zero-day attacks, Pradeo’s mobile application scanning capability accurately identifies all mobile applications behaviors and vulnerabilities. Then, it contextualizes information to avoid false-positive alerts and only blocks applications that represent a real threat.
• Unknown, known and advanced threats detection
• Static and dynamic analysis
• Zero false positive
• Automatic blocking of applications
• Vulnerabilities detection
• Remediation of risky behaviors

As the amount of public hotspots keeps increasing and people tend to connect to several ones a day, Pradeo Security screens in real-time network configuration and parameters.
• Man In the Middle detection
• Network access control
• SSL certificates check
• Secure browser

A device that is jailbroken, rooted, running on an outdated operating system, etc. is vulnerable to device-related attacks and thus, represents a security flaw in the mobile chain. Pradeo Security monitors device integrity by inspecting all its potentially defective aspects.
• OS vulnerabilities detection
• Root / jailbreak exploitation detection
• Identification of system takeover
• Abnormal battery consumption detection

• 360° coverage
• Real-time protection
• Accuracy
• Flexibility
• Customization
• Mobile threat intelligence
• Privacy law compliance

Through the years, the Pradeo intelligence center has collected 100 billions of mobile security data, implemented 200.000 security rules and detected nearly 1 million severe mobile threats and billions of leaky behaviors.