Pradeo Security solution suite

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Pradeo
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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Pradeo Security comes as a unified platform that provides end-to-end services to aid companies enforce data privacy regulations compliance across their mobile environment. This 360° approach allows to protect clients, employees and partners’ data using a unique console, dealing with a single mobile security vendor.

Pradeo Security key differentiator stands in the preciseness of its detection capability. The GDPR requires that organizations accurately map data flows, record network activities and track security incidents, inducing they need a technology that has the capability to identify all of them.
Pradeo Security draws its accuracy from its unique machine intelligence mechanism refined over billions of security facts. First, the solution analyzes the mobile environment to get a precise understanding of the security context. Secondly, Pradeo’s patented AI-based engine processes each fact, leveraging advanced combinatorial algorithms. By performing static and dynamic analyzes, Pradeo Security automatically replicates the accuracy of a manual detection and offers a clear readability on data processing, network activities and security incidents.

Brief Overview

Pradeo is a European mobile security vendor. It has designed the Pradeo Security solution suite from the ground up to secure companies’ mobile environment and all the data that transit through it.

Specifically, Pradeo Security offers 4 complementary services that allow organizations to:
• Define their mobility-related GDPR-compliance requirements (Free online audit)
• Track manipulations of GDPR-sensitive data on employees’ mobile devices and remediate non-compliance (Mobile Threat Defense)
• Identify mobile applications’ actions on GDPR-sensitive data (access, sending, deletion…) and vulnerabilities potentially endangering their privacy (Mobile Application Security Testing)
• Shield mobile applications that handle GDPR-sensitive data (mobile banking, health…) while they execute on end-users’ device (Runtime Application Self-Protection)

The Pradeo Security solution suite provides security teams with a unified console to fully manage the GDPR-compliance of their mobile framework. It ensures the personal data of their clients, employees and partners won’t leak or get robbed, as required by the regulation.