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Company size (employees)11-50
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Applications are under siege as hackers exploit vulnerabilities left undiscovered or unresolved during development. The average vulnerability takes 150 days to remediate (WhiteHat Security). It’s no wonder 85% of security professionals say remediation significantly hinders application time-to-release and budget. With 40% of breaches coming through applications (Verizon 2016 Report), security and development face an alarming reality as they clamor to reduce operating risk.

While application firewall controls and pre-production scans identify vulnerabilities and block well-known threats, no legacy solutions find or resolve previously unknown threats. Prevoty’s innovative language-theoretic runtime application self-protection (RASP) tool effectively delivers entirely new ‘live defense,’ closing off the attack surface of deployed applications. It heals vulnerabilities in the application’s runtime behavior, blocking exfiltration, prevalent scripting attacks, and more.

Prevoty’s signatureless LANGSEC technology performs analysis 30x faster than traditional approaches to provides accurate data protection at runtime. It delivers visibility into never-before-seen complex, live application attacks and a paradigm shift: from focusing on potential vulnerabilities to real threats.

In just the last 12 months, Prevoty has been adopted by some of the largest enterprises in North America. Prevoty proudly serves three of the top 15 U.S. Retailers, the world’s largest global payments technology provider, as well as other leaders in media, education, banking and more. This roster continues to grow, as does its world-class partner alliances.

Enterprises without runtime protection are forced to constantly play catchup. Prevoty’s real-time, in-app RASP solution a game-changer: it places an automated security layer at the front line, immediately lowering risk. Prevoty-enabled enterprises see 98%+ of their vulnerabilities mitigated instantly, with fewer false positives and zero learning or signatures. Prevoty’s application security simplifies — not complicates — the interdependent process of protecting applications and their precious data.

How we are different

Prevoty is distinctly attuned to enterprise security ‘pain points’ that are otherwise left unaddressed by the cybersecurity sector. For example, Fares Alraie, Senior Director of Product Security at the #1 Global Payments Provider notes: “One of our Key Performance Indicators asks, ‘How long has it taken us to fix a security finding, from discovery to closure?’ The Prevoty SDK reduces the amount of time a developer will need to spend fixing and testing homegrown solutions that don’t always withstand every new attack. That cycle of writing, testing, and retesting your own packages will diminish quickly, saving you money. Using Prevoty not only makes us feel more at ease, but it actually also makes us feel more precise. It’s like finally getting medicine to cure an illness after trying so many other ineffective at-home remedies. Now, our applications talk to us to tell us, ‘Look, I got attacked. Here’s the field that they used to attack me. Here’s what I was able to do to protect myself.’”
• Prevoty is creating and attracting an exceptionally strong partner network of “A Team” players. In just 12 months, it has built/extended alliances with prominent, established partners and vendors such as IBM Security, WhiteHat Security, Splunk, Intel Security, AWS, and Docker.
• Prevoty is giving internal teams game-changing new insight that helps them defend both their organization and, just as importantly, their budgets. In addition to enabling 30x faster attack analysis and vastly better security at runtime, Prevoty’s intelligence helps security evolve how the C-suite views cybersecurity. For the first time, security teams are armed with intelligence “flips” their focus from theoretical potential vulnerabilities to actual, live threats. As a result, C-level executives whole-heartedly endorse the allocation and application of resources as a strategic investment that protects the organization’s reputation.