Prevoty Autonomous Application Protection

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Prevoty
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Prevoty offers a simple-to-use, DevOps-oriented application security solution that automates protection and provides unprecedented levels of actionable visibility into production attacks, keeping applications and data safe against cyber threats.

• Prevoty Autonomous Application Protection provides insights into application security threats in real time. Having LANGSEC under the hood allows for great performance and accuracy.

• With Prevoty installed, applications run in either Monitor or Protection mode:
Application Monitoring - Prevoty’s monitoring capability delivers unparalleled insights into the threats that are hitting an application at runtime, giving real-time threat intelligence from inside critical applications. Monitor mode is useful for software evaluations, and extremely instrumental in exposing previously unknown vulnerabilities within enterprise applications.

Application Protection - Protect mode is the ultimate protection capability for applications where the solution sanitizes incoming data - removing malicious queries and invalidating tokens, all the while delivering authenticated input to applications - to keep data safe and applications secure with no impact on user experience.

Brief Overview

Prevoty is revolutionizing the Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) industry with its Autonomous Application Protection products.

Prevoty’s language security (LANGSEC) approach neutralizes threats in context without requiring signatures or anomaly detection capabilities that have high false positive rates. Prevoty’s RASP solutions perform with greater speed, accuracy, and scalability.

One of the greatest achievements by the company is making its product completely autonomous, meaning that it has no dependencies on any external services for management, policies, signature updates, etc., making it truly the only product in the space making applications completely autonomous in protecting themselves against a very wide range of threats. This also means that the Prevoty solution travels with the applications where ever they go, whether they are deployed on premise, in the cloud, virtual environments or containerized environments. Prevoty is completely agnostic to these deployment models and performs well in all of them.

In addition to monitoring applications in production, Prevoty also automatically neutralizes content, database and token threats before they become attacks.

Prevoty also provides increased visibility into application based activities. Gain continuous, actionable insights into unusual behavior and view correlated network, database and application analytics on every attempted attack and threat, in real-time. Focus on what counts, with fewer false alarms. Prevoty collects applications events and makes them readily available for ingestion and analysis in all market leading SIEMs and Security Analytics platforms.

Prevoty also protects against unknown risks or zero day attacks. Increase threat intelligence and eliminate guesswork with application monitoring. Expose inherent vulnerabilities and take necessary corrective action. Reduces noise and delivers uniform, reconciled insights – eliminating distractions so that resources are deployed only where and when needed.

Prevoty delivers DevSecOps scalability to large enterprise deployments. Rapid scaling orchestration tools and platform-based deployments makes Prevoty the first seamless, DevOps-friendly deployment for application security.