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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid

Overview is innovating the privacy compliance market, with the industry’s first full-stack, AI powered PrivacyOps platform. PrivacyOps will transform the legacy, manual and survey-driven privacy compliance industry into an automated, real-time data intelligence industry. This modern approach is required because new privacy regulations like CCPA require organizations to provide granular rights to people on their personal data, and without such real-time intelligence these rights cannot practically be honored.
● is an AI powered PrivacyOps platform that automatically discovers the personal data within an organization, scanning over 200 different types of structured and unstructured data systems, and maps that data back to its owner creating People Data Graphs. This patent pending technology provides a real-time inventory of personal information (PI) within the organization without storing copies of the PI data, thus preventing any PI sprawl. Harnessing this foundation, provides automation and orchestration of a comprehensive range of privacy compliance functions, including:

Data Subject Request Fulfillment (
Consent Management
Vendor Privacy Risk Assessment
Internal Privacy Risk Assessment
Breach Notifications

Auti, the bot technology within, changes the way one can easily make use of the PrivacyOps platform, by simply conversing with it in plain language. was founded by CEO Rehan Jalil, previously the SVP of Cloud Security at Symantec. Rehan came to Symantec through its acquisition of BlueCoat/Elastica, and built the cloud security business into the fastest-growing across the company, with triple-digit growth for seven quarters in a row. Having founded two successful companies previously, Rehan has strong backing for his new venture, including $31M Series A from Mayfield and General Catalyst, along with private investment from industry leaders.

How we are different is the industry’s first AI-powered PrivacyOps platform, poised to transform the privacy compliance market. Traditional classification & DLP systems can find categories of information, like sensitive, confidential and PII, but have no understanding of how that data maps to an individual user. Our patent-pending People Data Graph technology provides this unique insight. These traditional classification & DLP solutions also lack any automation and orchestration capabilities, which are a core component of

Traditional compliance solutions provide workflow web portals, but these have no understanding of user data - and thus rely on surveys or other solutions to feed them the necessary data (e.g., TrustArc, OneTrust, etc.). Without integrated data intelligence, these solutions cannot provide real-time automation. Instead they become ticketing systems that exacerbate the manual survey challenges.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, makes companies compliant in days rather than months. The AI provides enterprise operations with a multiplicity of functions, including the ability to give consumers direct access to personal data, collect and manage consent, assess vendors and internal systems, help notify impacted people in case of a breach and keep all compliance records in one secure place. Our AUTI bot technology scans data sources to build People Data Graphs, automates the processing of compliance activities to offload privacy professionals, and integrates a natural language interface to simplify access to complex information. PI sprawl is completely avoided as all privacy activity is conducted in a centralized secure workspace, with complete audit tracking.