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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Threat actors are increasingly targeting people, not infrastructure, which has changed the way organizations need to protect themselves. Proofpoint is the only cybersecurity vendor that has taken a people-centric approach to security innovation across its 25+ cloud-based solutions. It’s also the only company that can provide organizations with the threat intelligence and solutions they need to identify and secure their very attacked people (VAPs) over email, social media, and cloud apps.

Proofpoint’s global customers, including more than 50% of the Fortune 100, depend on the company to provide an unmatched level of insight into VAPs as well as to protect their employees and the information they create. The company remains committed to ongoing innovation and dedicates approximately 20% of revenue to R&D, one of the highest rates in the industry.

In addition, Proofpoint offers the world’s largest threat data collection that features threat scoring based on type/spread/targeting and processes over 5B emails per day. Its Nexus Threat Graph encompasses hundreds of billions of correlated data points ensure protection. Proofpoint’s multiple analytical techniques cover malware (including sandboxing, static, and protocol analysis), phishing (including machine learning-powered classifier and credential phishing kit detection), and email fraud (including a machine learning-powered “impostor classifier” and domain spoofing and typosquatting prevention).

Proofpoint also bolstered its portfolio in 2018 with three strategic acquisitions (Wombat Security,, and Cloudmark) and ten new innovations.

How we are different

• Proofpoint is the only cybersecurity vendor that has taken a people-centric approach to security and offers solutions that address the changing landscape that is increasingly targeting people rather than infrastructure. Proofpoint provides customers with the unique ability to identify the very attacked people (VAPs) within their company, understand the risks users face based on their role, duties, and access, and select policies and controls to better secure those most vulnerable users.

• Proofpoint reinvests approximately 20% of annual revenue into R&D, one of the highest percentages in the industry. This reinvestment strategy supported its global research team this year in identifying and responsibly disclosing zero-day vulnerabilities, discovering one of the only examples of North Korean spyware for Apple's smartphone, and producing a regular cadence of threat research findings that document emerging industry trends and threats.

• In addition to improving its existing product offerings, Proofpoint is actively developing new solutions that address the evolving threat landscape. Notably, after observing a substantial rise in brute force Microsoft 365 attacks, Proofpoint launched Cloud Account Defense (CAD) within six months to help organizations detect, investigate, and remediate these compromises.