Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Proofpoint
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• It’s the most secure archive in the industry - With Proofpoint’s patented Double Blind™ Key Architecture, Proofpoint is the only archiving vendor that ensures data leaving an organization is always encrypted. Organizations’ data is protected both in transit from its environment and while under management within Proofpoint cloud infrastructure. Each organization’s encryption key is unique. Administrators can manage the encryption key for full control over who can access data within the archive. Proofpoint couples this breakthrough approach with operational and security practices that are SSAE-16 certified.

• Failsafe archiving process- Unlike other cloud-based tools, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides two options to ensure complete capture.
o With an optional on-premises appliance, Enterprise Archive’s “Pull-and-Confirm” method pulls messages from the journaling mailbox. Then it confirms that they are stored in the archive before removing them from the journal.
o For fully hosted deployments, Proofpoint’s optional Compliance Gateway provides a reconciliation process. It also provides reporting to give auditors evidence of complete capture.

• Search performance guarantee - Other on-premises tools slow down over time and require constant hardware upgrades as the data store grows. Enterprise Archive scales up on demand. Proofpoint’s grid storage architecture and parallel search technology ensure real-time search performance, regardless of how large an organization’s archive grows or how complex its searches get.

Brief Overview

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a cloud-based archiving solution that simplifies legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and end-user data access. It provides a central, searchable repository of a wide range of content types without the headaches of managing an archive in-house.

Enterprise Archive’s high-performance search features give organizations insights to help refine discovery strategies. Legal teams can easily search in near-real time across email and across more than 500 types of attachments, social media, and enterprise-collaboration communications. Instant access to data greatly reduces the time and cost of collecting, filtering, and searching data collected through restored backup tapes, imaged hard drives and Microsoft Outlook PST files.

With Enterprise Archive’s policy management features, organizations receive assistance with creating, maintaining and—most important—consistently enforcing information retention policies. Enforcement is automatic and based on rules the organization can configure. When data has reached the end of its retention period, high-performance disposition lets teams quickly purge data. Every policy change and disposition action is tracked for a truly defensible disposition process that meets SEC 17a-4 rules.

Additionally, Proofpoint offers Intelligent Supervision as an optional module built on top of Enterprise Archive. It allows compliance staff to systematically review messages (including email, social media, Bloomberg and instant messaging). Content selected for review—either as potential policy violations or through a random sampling process—is automatically routed to the users authorized to act on them. Intelligent Supervision also provides reports that help organizations manage the review process and remain ready for regulatory audits.