Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


With Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision, customers can build, test, deploy and refine an audit-ready supervision plan to enable regulatory compliance. Key feature areas include the following:

• Smarter Review
Our customers work smarter with workflows that make it easier to customize policies that uncover compliance risks.
o Advanced message filters allow you to target, refine and prioritize the review queue.
o With conversation threading, you can group and review messages easily in a single step.
o Intelligent sampling by message type helps you skip low-risk content, including bulk mail.
• AI to Reduce False Positives
An Add On for Intelligent Supervision, NexusAI for Compliance significantly reduces false positives, helping reduce reviewer fatigue and the human errors that can come from fatigue.
o Out-of-box machine learning models can be deployed as is or customers to meet unique requirements
o Automatically detect and avoid new disclaimers and new senders of low-value content to prevent future false positives.
o AI-powered suggestions for visibility into low-value supervision content that should be excluded.
• Complete Visibility
Intelligent Supervision identifies bottlenecks, improves collaboration, and boosts productivity to reduce compliance risks.
o Compliance Risk Dashboard with click-through access to deep insights, helping you identify major compliance risks and view violation trends over time.
o Real-time alerts for notifying reviewers and compliance teams when queues grow beyond set thresholds.
o Productivity reporting to help you monitor and ensure all reviewers are completing their assigned review work on time.
• Audit-Ready Solution
With more analytics, real-time dashboards and collaboration features, Intelligent Supervision helps you simplify and optimize supervision as your data volume grows.
o All review activities are fully audited.
o Evidence of Supervision reports prove you are in compliance with your stated policy.
o Policy tracking for demonstrating the history of rules, supervised employees, and reviewers at any point in time.

How we are different

1. Market Leadership: Intelligent Supervision, like Proofpoint E-Discovery Analytics, is an Add On for Proofpoint Enterprise Archive. And Proofpoint is the longest running leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving at ten consecutive years as of the 2021 report.

2. Flexibility: Intelligent Supervision may be deployed with Proofpoint Enterprise Archive or as a standalone solution for customers preferring to keep their incumbent archive in place to support e-discovery and other long-term information retention requirements.

3. Innovation: With Intelligent Supervision and NexusAI for Compliance, you can transform the way you supervise digital communications to enable regulatory compliance. Using machine learning models trained on your own data, you can reduce false positives by up to 66% when compared with legacy supervision systems.