Proofpoint Security Awareness

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CompanyProofpoint Security Awareness
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


A strategic concern of every organization is reducing the human-centric security risk that employees pose. The 2024 Proofpoint State of the Phish, our annual industry report, shows that 68% of working adults took a risky action in 2023 knowing it was unsafe. This suggests that people often choose convenience over security, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Proofpoint solves this problem by focusing on and shaping how employees think, feel and act when faced with threats. The Proofpoint Security Awareness solution helps organizations drive behavior change and build sustainable security habits.

Our holistic approach to people risk reduction is organized by a learning framework that drives real security outcomes. Our ACE Framework has three key steps: Assess, Change Behavior and Evaluate. We help organizations to assess employees’ vulnerability, change their unsafe behavior, and evaluate the program’s effectiveness. The solution scales for global enterprises and allows customers to expand their program with extensive language support and automated workflows such as investigating user-reported threats.

Proofpoint Security Awareness is powered by threat intelligence from over 3 billion emails that Proofpoint analyzes daily. Using this rich threat intel, we help organizations build an effective program in many ways such as sending sophisticated phishing campaigns that mimic real-world attacks, uncovering and training their riskiest people on targeted threats, and tracking people’s behavior change such as reporting rate and reporting accuracy.

We help to measure the behavioral metrics that matter to an organization’s executive leadership. Proofpoint provides behavioral metrics that clearly show the impact of security education on their security risk profile, such as our customers seeing a 40% decrease in clicks on real-world threats in six months. This helps organizations to build a strong security culture that reshapes people’s actions and beliefs.

Key Capabilities / Features

• Threat-Guided Program: Proofpoint’s global footprint in email security gives unmatched visibility into the current threat landscape. Our solution is built on insights from analyzing over three billion emails daily, monitoring 430+ million domains, and tracking hundreds of threat groups. We seamlessly integrate this threat intelligence into real-world phishing simulations and threat-guided training that educates employees on the threats targeting them.

• Targeted Personalized Education: With our Adaptive Learning Framework, organizations can tailor education to people’s roles, vulnerabilities and attack level, and culture surveys to understand their underlying security beliefs. We deliver short bursts of training—from 30 seconds to three minutes—that fit peoples’ busy schedules. This personalized education keeps people engaged in learning while giving them targeted knowledge and skills.

• Accelerate Threat Response: Our threat intelligence also helps automate threat investigation of user-reported email and reinforce their positive reporting behavior. When a user reports a message, we automatically analyze it with industry-leading threat detection stacks. When integrated with Proofpoint Threat Protection, we automate the remediation of reported emails, reducing manual work for incident response teams.

• C-Level Security Insights: Security practitioners can effectively communicate their program's risk impact using real-world behavior metrics and industry benchmarking data. We quantify real security outcomes by measuring click rates, reporting rate and reporting accuracy of both actual and simulated attacks. An insightful CISO dashboard reveals the most attacked individuals, highly vulnerable users and top clickers, and we further uncover the riskiest users when integrated with Proofpoint Threat Protection.

• Built to Expand and Scale: Proofpoint scales for global enterprises, helping security teams expand their program with streamlined workflows and automated processes. This gives operational flexibility across a distributed footprint, such as streamlining admin privileges. Practitioners get powerful content filters to build specific learning outcomes, support for over 40 languages, and Customization Services to brand the program.

How we are different

• Leverage threat intelligence to build resiliency: Proofpoint Security Awareness distinguishes itself through our commitment to helping organizations keep pace with evolving threats. We continue to develop training and awareness material that unpacks trending security risks seen by Proofpoint research analysts, including the latest hot topics of AI Chatbots, Generative AI, Quishing (QR code phishing), Deep Fakes, and Man-in-the-Middle (MITM). Our threat-driven content is quickly pushed to the platform in bite-sized lengths and styles, ensuring that users are aware of current threats and equipped with the skills to be resilient.

• Change people’s behavior and reinforce positive habits: Proofpoint Security Awareness provides tailored education and positive reinforcement that targets people’s vulnerabilities and knowledge gaps. We take an adaptive learning approach to provide a personalized, progressive learning experience that maximizes people’s limited time to increase the impact of training. Security teams can leverage engaging content that’s tailored to individual factors such as a person’s role, industry, skill level and preferred language. We provide timely contextual feedback such as explaining fake phishing tests and signaling potentially malicious emails. This adaptive approach maximizes knowledge retention and reinforces positive, lasting security habits.

• Focus on and communicate human-centric risk: Measuring program impact is key so our unique CISO dashboard tracks behavioral metrics over time for both real-world actions and phishing tests, including reporting rate and reported email accuracy. We’re the only vendor that enables benchmarking against industry peers based on real-world behaviors. Our CISO dashboard provides C-level visibility, making it easier to communicate people risk and program success to leadership. For example, our customers report a 40% decrease in clicks on real-world threats in six months, and a 90% reduction in phishing attacks and malware infections. With Proofpoint, organizations can foster a resilient and aware security culture that translates into a stronger, more secure operational posture.