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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America

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ProtectWise embraces the cloud for its economies of scale to deliver pervasive visibility, retain an unlimited amount of data, and present it in a way that security teams can instantly reason with and utilize.

The ProtectWise UI has been recognized as a standout by analysts and reviewers — 451 Group called it “light-years beyond state of the art,” and SC Magazine’s technology editor remarked, “Never, in 52 years in this field, have I seen a collection of dashboards that even comes close to the collection you'll see in ProtectWise.”

ProtectWise uses a form factor that enables its platform The ProtectWise Grid to be deployed with unprecedented speed across multiple environments — traditional enterprise, cloud and ICS — providing a single, holistic view of an organization’s security landscape.

Brief Overview

ProtectWise harnesses the power of the recorded network to provide a new utility model for enterprise security. The company’s platform, The ProtectWise Grid™, captures full-fidelity network traffic for real-time and retrospective analysis in an advanced visual presentation.

Delivering security from the cloud, The ProtectWise Grid is an integrated solution that provides frictionless deployment and scalability. It deploys rapidly via lightweight software sensors which compress, optimize and passively replay all network traffic into the ProtectWise secure cloud platform. Organizations can place an unlimited number of sensors across traditional enterprise, cloud and industrial control systems environments for a single, holistic view of their security landscape. Sensors can be configured to capture netflow, metadata, truncated flows, stream heads or full-fidelity PCAP by protocol and application.

ProtectWise was founded in April 2013 by CEO Scott Chasin and CTO Gene Stevens, cybersecurity industry veterans with deep expertise in enterprise security, SaaS and cloud technologies. ProtectWise has raised more than $67 million in funding to date. The company launched the Immersive Security movement in 2017 to create a new path forward for the cybersecurity industry. Leveraging high performance gaming engines, virtual reality, augmented reality, and an advanced data set, this approach radically changes how humans interact with security. With Immersive Security, analysts can become more effective at responding to incidents and detecting anomalies; and enterprises can bridge the talent gap by tapping into a new generation of workers for whom sensory rich, immersive and virtual environments are second nature. ProtectWise introduced an early access beta program for existing customers to its advanced user interface, The Immersive Grid, in Q4 2017, and release is planned for 2018.