Protegrity Data Protection Platform

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CompanyProtegrity USA, Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


Protegrity protects the world’s most sensitive data wherever it resides, whether in hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises environments. As the industry’s only ubiquitous fine-grained data-security solution, the Protegrity Data Protection Platform allows businesses to leverage secure data for advanced analytics, AI, and ML, without putting IP, customer or employee PII and PCI at risk. Enterprises can secure sensitive data across environments from a single platform, and the company’s expanding cloud-protection ecosystem lets customers easily deploy the security methods that best fit their needs, so businesses can embrace new technologies without slowing innovation.

Purpose-built for hybrid-cloud deployments, the platform allows enterprises to build data security into the fabric of their business through a combination of protection methods, APIs, policy management, and ecosystem integrations. It offers superior performance across hybrid-cloud environments and optimizes corporate resources while enabling businesses to future-proof against the constant changes to privacy and data-security regulations. With 60 percent of organizations storing confidential data in the cloud, Protegrity offers customers freedom to select where, when, and how data is used and enables previously unusable sensitive data to flow securely throughout the organization and drive value.

A core solution of the Protegrity platform, Cloud Protect, centralizes and simplifies the enforcement and management of data-security policies across disparate cloud and on-premises systems and tools, leveraging a wide range of protection methods to secure sensitive data across the large sweep of applications and functions that modernize businesses use. Cloud Protect is the bodyguard that enterprises need as they explore cloud environments. The solution simplifies the management and enforcement of data protection across cloud-native and hybrid deployments, protecting data in every corner of the cloud.​

How we are different

The Protegrity Data Protection Platform offers a singular view of all enterprise data – on-premises, in the cloud or in a SaaS application – so that it can be effectively managed and secured. In its protected state, data can be leveraged across the enterprise to create new growth opportunities through secure data sharing. Front-line employees, analytics teams, and anyone who needs information to make business decisions, can access data sets outside of their own network and frees organizations to innovate while meeting stringent compliance and increasing customer demands for data privacy.

Protegrity has developed a variety of data-protection methods to choose from including the tokenization and encryption processes that hide, or pseudonymize, elements of data; or the privacy models that strip elements of data out of data sets, effectively anonymizing some data elements so data scientists and third parties cannot access the sensitive information.

The Protegrity Data Protection Platform and Cloud Protect offering is available in convenient online cloud marketplaces, such as the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the AWS Marketplace, making it easier than ever for customers to discover and protect their sensitive data in the cloud. Companies can embrace the cloud with confidence knowing that data will remain secure – no matter where it moves, how it is applied, or how it is stored in cloud systems. Customers can apply data protection policies across different environments, entities, and jurisdictions, and allows them to take advantage of Protegrity’s streamlined deployment and management to support their secure journeys to the cloud.