Purpose-built authorization for the enterprise

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


The Axiomatics Authorization Platform is an attribute-based access control (ABAC) solution designed to address enterprise application and database access challenges across any type of infrastructure – on-premises, cloud or hybrid. This is the most complete platform available for enterprise-wide roll out of ABAC, enabling enterprises to manage access based on what their corporate access policy demands. Leveraging this platform, organizations can ensure critical corporate applications, data and processes are only accessed appropriately according to policies that address what a person has access to, how much access they have, when they get access and under what conditions. These access decisions are made in real-time, reflecting real-world enterprise situations including a workforce working from anywhere, an ever-increasing number of global data privacy regulations, and sophisticated bad actors.

The Axiomatics platform enables organizations to evolve their access control policies from relying on roles to evaluating attributes related to both the user and the asset they’re trying to access. This saves organizations from having to worry about ‘role explosion’ as users accumulate or shift responsibilities, thereby requiring more or less access to specific corporate assets.

The Axiomatics platform easily integrates with new or existing applications and API projects to employ fine-grained authorization that ensures data is protected when needed and shared only when the right circumstances are met.

No matter the existing infrastructure, the Axiomatics platform is compatible with a variety of tools including identity and access management (IAM) solutions, API gateways, federated identity solutions and more.

How we are different

1) Consistency across the organization: Axiomatics ensures access control decisions are managed through a central, enterprise-wide policy applied across applications, data and processes. This enables policy changes to be disseminated consistently across an organization, resulting in resource and time savings as well as simplifying audits and governance.

2) Purpose-built for enterprises: Global, highly-matrixed enterprises can have complex or sophisticated access control requirements. Built on an identity standard specific to authorization, the Axiomatics platform offers enterprise security teams the best way to address these needs, particularly for those enterprises in highly-regulated industries. In particular, the Axiomatics platform enables customers to address access challenges in real-time. For example, as attributes within the corporate policy are changed, the Axiomatics platform enables policies to also change in real-time, offering just-in-time access decisions that are in line with the most current corporate policy and attribute guidance.

3) Externalization: Axiomatics customers don’t have to lean on their valuable development teams to hard code authorization decisions into each application, which is both time-consuming and impossible to scale across an enterprise. Instead, with each access request, the Axiomatics platform will permit or deny access in line with corporate policies.