Putting Threat Actor Tactics Instantly to Work Securing Organizations

Additional Info

CompanyGrypho5 (a Conversant Group Company)
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


For many organizations, cybersecurity strategies and tactics are only occasionally assessed and readjusted. Once tools and solutions are purchased and implemented, they are often forgotten by IT staff who are overstretched assisting the day-to-day needs of the business. Yet as threat actors evolve, security that doesn’t evolve with it depreciates, making the company even less secure than the day before. Threat actors adjust their tactics in real time and, in 2023, they evolved at a pace that shocked even security researchers.

In 2023, Conversant Group announced the formation of Grypho5, a sister company offering managed protection services that evolve daily with the real-time tactics of threat actors. The Grypho5 team doesn’t need to subscribe to threat feeds or gain access to threat intelligence to ensure their service is relevant; they already have the data via their sister company, Fenix24, who is recognized as one of the most trusted breach restoration firms in North America. When a new threat actor tactic is seen in real breach scenarios, the Grypho5 team immediately begins securing all managed protection customers against the threat.

For example, in 2023, threat groups like Scattered Spider and AvosLocker began demonstrating a technical innovation and knowledge of tools/platforms never seen before. They had begun attacking traditional help desk procedures using advanced social engineering and using an organization’s own tools against them. Grypho5 quickly informed their customers of the new tactics and advised a series of revised help desk procedures to thwart the help desk fraud that was compromising enterprises. They pivoted their 24/7/365 management practices to monitor for all signs of tactics employed by these groups.

In its first 10 months of operation, Grypho5 has earned ~50 new contracts for a whopping $3.75M, reflecting the large size of the deals and enterprises trusting us with their critical security.

Key Capabilities / Features

Grypho5 offers comprehensive managed solutions based on real-time, proprietary threat intelligence from our sister company, Fenix24, combined with unique insight into the most common weaknesses found in enterprises from our sister company, Athena7. We understand the hard reality that, while your security defense needs to be right 24/7, threat actors only need to be right once to penetrate. Our managed packages focus on continuous management and protection for the areas threat actors attack most, including backups, firewalls, and endpoints.

How we are different

• While other managed security companies provide 24/7/365 service, Grypho5 has instant, continual access to threat actor tactics through its sister company—the award-winning breach restoration provider Fenix24—and immediately puts it to use to evolve the real-time security defenses of its customers, making daily changes to controls, configurations, and orchestrations.
• In its first year, Grypho5 is already managing the security needs of one of the most watched companies in the world—one that suffered a media-intensive breach and must remain secure going forward. In addition, we have a range of customers with highly sensitive data protection needs, such as international law firms, who must remain secure and protect client data.
• In its first 10 months of operation, Grypho5 has earned 50 new contracts for $3.75M and expanded dedicated employees by 114%.