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Company size (employees)15
Headquarters RegionEurope


We integrate our biometrical authentication technology into IAM (Identity & Access Management) and Cyber Security solutions.
Our technology is the first line of defense in recognizing an attacker, and triggering a response.
Biometrics should be mandatory in any UTMS (Unified Threath Management System) Insider Threat, Threat Migration, Asset Management… all terms that fit in our technology.
These triggers are easily integrated into partner products, and enable immediate policy enforcement such as step up authentication, real-time notifications, activation of in-depth monitoring, or isolation of compromised hosts from the network.
The end customers gain better protection and tools for combating insider threats, password sharing, and account take-overs.

Who we are and what we do!
We are a Biometric technology firm with expertise in Biometric identifying and authentication
Building the Solutions of tomorrow with the Biometric technology available today for a secure world.
Qafis created a Biometric system that secure the assets of the provider and their customers in a multifactor way.
We support our clients in all phases of a project: implementing, enrollment, identification, authentication, training and 24/7 support.
Qafis has always been focusing on how to improve the quality of security with biometric solution implementation, creating a layered defense and make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a target such as a physical location, computing device, network or database.

Our specialization
Qafis Biometric Technology was created to support enterprises, companies and institutions searching for secure biometric solution.
Qafis Biometric technology developed it’s products, services and solutions in house.
We are specialized in the secure storage of biometric features, separated from the data credentials.
Unavoidable misuse and abuse of data information is the reason that we separate the biometrics from the data credentials.
Qafis creates an extra layered defense using biometric technology in a separate stored database.

All information about our technology can be found here:

How we are different

Helping customers to secure their biometric accounts from compromise.

Qafis provides the world’s most comprehensive biometric approach, in a world of Biometric security, YOU are the password

Modular Biometric Solutions by Design for your Business needs