Radware SecurePath™ Architecture: An innovative new way to protect web applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Radware SecurePath is a new, revolutionary application security architecture. It’s uniquely designed to safeguard today’s multi-cloud application environments, while maintaining consistent, high-grade, comprehensive protection for applications regardless of where they’re deployed.

Traditionally, cloud-based web application defense has relied on ‘inline’ deployments, which require the re-routing of traffic through a cloud-based WAF first, only then redirecting it to a destination server. However, this approach results in unnecessary additional hops, long logical routing paths, and added latency as well as requires the sharing of the application’s SSL certificate with third-party providers.

SecurePath, on the other hand, departs from traditional industry paradigms by offering an API-based, out-of-path deployment method. The solution was designed from the ground up to optimally protect applications deployed across any cloud and data center – on-premise, private cloud and public cloud environments – while improving security, uptime, and performance.

Advantages of Radware’s Approach:
• Optimal Deployment Architecture for Any Cloud: Radware’s application security architecture can be deployed either as an “inline” or API-based out-of-path SaaS service, enabling coverage of any data center and cloud platform with minimal latency and avoiding any interruptions and risks to uptime and availability.
• State-of-the-Art Protection: Radware provides the industry’s best application security, combining a WAF, bot management, API protection and DDoS protection, using a positive security model based on advanced machine-learning algorithms.
• Consistent Protection Across Environments: Radware’s architecture can uniquely protect applications regardless of where they are hosted, allowing for consistent, high-grade protection with uniform security policies.
• Centralized Management and Visibility: Radware’s unified security portal offers granular management of all applications, regardless of where they are deployed, for full cross-cloud visibility from within a single dashboard.
• No SSL Certificate Sharing: Radware’s API-based architecture does not require the application’s SSL certificate be shared with third parties, preserving customer confidentiality and complying with regulatory requirements.

How we are different

• Fills a high market need and addresses the next market evolution: As more and more organizations deploy applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Radware’s SecurePath architecture uniquely fills a high need in the market with consistent, high-grade, and comprehensive protection for applications regardless of where they are deployed.

• Departs from traditional industry paradigms: Uniquely built with a dual deployment model that departs from traditional industry paradigms, Radware SecurePath delivers full application visibility and centralized security management regardless of where applications are deployed. Its innovative architecture offers API-based, out-of-path deployment that reduces latency, simplifies deployment, and improves security.

• Offers industry-leading protection levels: Radware SecurePath offers state of the art, automated protection that leverages machine-learning and behavioral-based algorithms to automatically protect organizations from the most advanced threats in real-time and with a very high degree of accuracy. This includes patented algorithms for positive security models, behavioral-based detection, real-time signature creation, automated API discovery process, crypto-based bot challenge, and more. Automation is at the cornerstone of Radware’s product offerings, and the company uniquely leverages these algorithms to provide the highest degree of protection.