RangeForce Cybersecurity Training Programs

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)RangeForce
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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RangeForce Battle Fortress is cloud-delivered for fast and easy implementation, scalable and a safe way to simulate complex attacks for hands-on detection and response training exercises. It sets up easily via a web browser interface. Partnerships with leading vendors gives RangeForce breadth and flexibility. Its customizable, virtualized network infrastructure support security tools from QRadar, Recorded Future, Cisco, Splunk, Palo Alto, Exabeam, Sentinel One, Fortinet, YARA, Nmap, Suricata, Powershell, and DevOps platforms like Docker and Kubernetes, and more. Customizable and reusable attack scenarios don’t require expensive re-builds as with in-person and company-built ranges. The large RangeForce library includes advanced attacks like Shellshock and Heartbleed, and adversary techniques like malware, ransomware, XSS, code injection, backdoors, phishing/spear phishing, defeated encryption, lateral movement, network reconnaissance, DDOS, misconfiguration, rootkits, compromised credentials, and more.

Users are immediately engaged by the interactive, realistic experience of training with RangeForce. Some train for a cybersecurity career while others use RangeForce to take their careers to the next level. The RangeForce “Workforce Ready” ANSI-accredited certificate program is the first Blue Team skills program on the market. It's a viable alternative to expensive, elusive government and university programs. RangeForce recently hosted the 2020 BlueTeam Challenge, a series of competitions where individuals used the RangeForce Community Edition cyber range to compete for prizes and recognition.

Analyst firm Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2021. With 450+ modules for SOC, endpoint, SIEM, threat intelligence/hunting, OWASP Top10, DevSecOps, cloud, network security and more, RangeForce trains and cross-trains people on the tools and systems they need for roles in IT/security, DevOps, support, digital transformation, network management, etc. RangeForce is also focused on expanding diversity through partnerships with organizations like nPower and YearUp that bring RangeForce’s professional training to economically disadvantaged individuals, youth, women and minorities.

Brief Overview

The combination of people, process and tools builds the cyber resiliency necessary to address modern cyberthreats. Most organizations focus on tools, but breaches succeed because analysts miss alerts, lack the ability to recognize indicators of compromise or don’t have the required detection and response training. Not because security tools miss events.

RangeForce uses advanced gaming techniques that simulate an organization’s actual IT/security environment and real-world cyber attacks for self-guided learning, certification and team-based competitions. RangeForce cybersecurity training programs bring all three of these components of cyber resiliency into alignment, ensuring staff has the knowledge and muscle memory to react quickly and effectively when defending their organizations against cyber threats.

RangeForce features two key training components, Battle Skills and Battle Fortress, both accessible via web browser/login.

Battle Skills is the industry’s only self-paced asynchronous learning program that provides skills assessment to identify gaps and a prescribed training path for beginners through experts. It features 450+ modules (20+ added weekly) across learning paths including SOC1, SOC2, OWASP, Cloud Security, Secure Coding and Cyber Essentials.

Battle Fortress provides Red/Blue Team training on the RangeForce cloud-based hyper-scalable cyber range that brings actual IT/security stacks and real-world attack scenarios to life. Enterprises use a web interface to set up an emulation of their own environment. This fast, highly realistic, virtual environment trains staff without placing valuable corporate assets at risk.

Results are tracked in a centralized dashboard, giving CISOs and managers a comprehensive view of their staff’s strengths/weaknesses, both individually and collectively. This quantitative and qualitative analysis provides a critical assessment that can drive a healthy process of continuous improvement to lower cyber risk and improve cyber resilience.

Even before Covid-19 eliminated on-site training, RangeForce was training SOC, DevOps, application defenders and incident responders to protect their organizations from real-world threats.