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Company size (employees)500 - 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering IT and security professionals to advance and protect their organizations. Rapid7 solutions are powered by advanced analytics and an unmatched understanding of the attacker mindset. The Company makes it easy to collect data, transform it into prioritized and actionable insight, and get it to the people who can act on it — all in an instant.

With Rapid7, technology professionals gain the clarity, command and confidence to safely drive innovation and protect against risk. The Company makes it simple to collect operational data across systems, eliminating blind spots and unlocking the information required to securely develop, operate and manage today’s sophisticated applications and services.

Data is transformed into key insights so customers can quickly predict, deter, detect and remediate attacks and obstacles to productivity. Armed with Rapid7, technology professionals finally gain the insights needed to safely move their business forward. Rapid7 is trusted by more than 5,800 organizations across over 110 countries, including 37 percent of the Fortune 1000.

In addition to becoming a public company in 2015, Rapid7 completed two acquisitions, – Logentries and NT OBJETives – which have helped to fuel the Company’s success and innovation over the course of 2016. The acquisition of NT OBJECTives (now AppSpider), a web application testing solution, expanded Rapid7’s Threat Exposure Management portfolio and enabled the Company to further meet the needs of modern business infrastructures. The acquisition of Logentries gave Rapid7 a set of advanced search technologies, which helped to bolster its overall cybersecurity offering and serves as the engine behind InsightIDR. Rapid7 also introduced a variety of new and improved services, including Nexpose Now and InsightOps (new IT operations solution).

How we are different

Rapid7’s mission is to solve complex security challenges with simple, innovative solutions. Its solutions and expertise harness the critical information essential to advance and protect an organization. Rapid7 makes it simple to unify operational data across systems, and its advanced analytics unlock the information required to securely develop, operate and manage today's applications and services by:
● Shining a light on blind spots to uncover hidden network and application vulnerabilities, risky user behavior, asset misconfiguration, cloud service usage, IT operations issues, and more.
● Delivering the advanced analytics that allow security and IT to collaborate effectively to analyze risk, detect attacks, prioritize remediation, measure the impact of their actions, and respond at the moment of impact. Additionally, with enabling automation, Rapid7 eliminates data drudgery and liberate technology professionals from the burden of manual busy work, freeing them to focus on more strategic projects.
● Arming customers with right insight, at right time, making the right impact. “Our experience with Rapid7 has taught us that a good vulnerability management program is the foundation of a successful, strong security program, and it really all builds out from there. Rapid7 has easily become one of my favorite vendors to work with, and they are the cornerstone of our security program." – Nick Sorgio, Assistant Vice President, Bob’s Stores