Reciprocity ZenGRC Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The Reciprocity® ZenGRC® platform represents the first and only end-to-end information security risk solution tightly integrated with compliance programs. It equips risk, security and compliance teams with a single, integrated experience that reveals information security risk across a business.

The platform provides a powerful combination of continuous monitoring and common control management across multiple frameworks to give real-time control status.

There is easy access and visibility into audit readiness, approval workflow statuses and control effectiveness.

By exposing compliance-related risks with automated alerts and workflows, you can catch and remediate risks more quickly.

By automating the evidence collection process for internal and external auditors and quickly assessing and determining the acceptability of risk controls, the platform enables better audit outcomes.

Address Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Cyber Risk across threats, vulnerabilities and incidents from one application and communicate risk status and potential threats through risk heatmaps, dashboards and reports.

The platform’s pre-built compliance dashboards provide visibility into completed and open tasks, pending deadlines, approval workflows, controls effectiveness, program status, audit readiness and supporting documentation, to reveal the health of an organization’s compliance and IT information security programs along with a simple way to manage the compliance program.

The ZenGRC platform delivers a flexible, centralized solution to meet a company’s compliance requirements and manage risks, eliminating tedious manual processes and wasted time and resources. Offering pre-loaded content with risk registers, compliance frameworks and common controls supporting more than 30 standards and regulations, ZenGRC not only reduces risk, it helps identify gaps and duplication of running multiple programs.

How we are different

Vendor selection is supported with vendor classification surveys and API integration with intelligence ratings providers. Vendors are added through the UI, bulk import or API, allowing for integration of procurement systems, onboarding request forms, etc.

In-App assessment process enables regular upgrades of the user experience with in-app wizards for the critical processes, e.g., Risk Assessment, Vendor Survey Responses and map to Risk Control Mitigation. This addresses customers’ desire for prescriptive navigation to enable them to more quickly and easily drive business outcomes.

Fast time-to-value via our award-winning product and implementation team allows customers to be up and running within 4-6 weeks. Our GRC experts tailor programs to deliver against a customer's expected outcomes based on the maturity, complexity and size of their GRC programs and teams.