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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


RedSocks Security is the leading and most sophisticated AI-powered malicious threat detection platform

-#1 platform in malicious threat detection powered by AI Future-proof threat detection
-not hindered by encryption
– 39 proprietary labs generating threat intelligence in real time

IP patent portfolio:
continuous monitoring detection technology
Malicious threat detection of RedSocks Pre-packaged Hardware or virtual appliance
Freedom of choice of deployment, cloud compatible
New generation CTI, Analytics and Data Retention
Three engines power the #1 threat detection including dashboard
Focus on Destinations and Behaviour of (encrypted) traffic
Monitoring encrypted traffic of all devices (incl. BYOD & IoT)

Additional Information

Redsocks Security is the #1 and most sophisticated AI-powered Malicious Threat Detection Platform in the market.

RedSocks Security sets itself apart by its scalable and patented technology platform detecting real-time malicious threats by monitoring destination and network behavior with the use of:

(i) Proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence labs,
(ii) Machine learning pattern detection engines, and
(iii) AI-powered behaviour analytics.

Existing threat prevention solutions do not work anymore due to increased encrypted traffic, stricter regulatory requirements and new attack vectors such as BYOD and IoT. With the fastest detection and lowest false positives, we provide the best-of-breed (industry agnostic) breach detection and help our customers protect their data, brand and company reputation, and avoid disasters like the Equifax and Yahoo breach. Customers and partners trusting our solution include Yamaha Corporation, IKEA, TNO, Thales, Splunk, Japan Railways and more.