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Company size (employees)200+
Headquarters RegionNorth America


ReliaQuest is an IT security company that specializes in customized co-management of security solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across the world. The company serves as a force multiplier for its customers – operationalizing existing technologies and maximizes their security investments, enabling them to focus on core business objectives as security challenges become more complex. ReliaQuest does this from our US Based 24/7 Security Operations Centers where our experts specialize in the monitoring and triage of security events, engineering of the security platforms (SIEM, EDR, IDS, Etc), and the continued development of customized threat management programs to detect the latest and most relevant threats for our customers.

Since its founding in 2007, ReliaQuest has grown in both size and scope. The company has more than doubled its headcount every year for the past three years, increasing by nearly 300 percent this year alone. ReliaQuest’s scope of services has similarly increased to include co-management of technologies across the entire stack and also focusing on next-generation security technologies. This growth and commitment to execution has earned ReliaQuest a myriad awards and accolades from industry partners, government and civic leaders, as well as growth equity investors.

The company’s growth has been fueled not only by its technological prowess, but by the positive company culture that has become a point of distinction for ReliaQuest. The company boasts a nearly 95 percent retention rate among its growing ranks of highly demanded IT professionals – a number virtually unheard of in the cybersecurity space.

ReliaQuest delivers co-managed security solutions from multiple U.S.-based Security Operations Centers, allowing for 24/7/365 monitoring, engineering, and custom content development to help organizations mature their security infrastructures.

How we are different

- ReliaQuest is an IT security pioneer: Nearly 10 years ago, ReliaQuest was working as a Department of Defense contractor, deploying managed security services for the U.S. Government, when its leaders realized that the same unmet need existed in the commercial space. At the right place and time, RQ pivoted into providing a new kind of IT security solution -- co–management – for enterprise customers around the globe, allowing customers to leverage the security investments they’d already made through a unique, custom-tailored partnership. That idea took off, and co-management with ReliaQuest is now the preferred IT security solution for a growing list of Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

- ReliaQuest is solving the security workforce challenge: Through unapologetic selectiveness in hiring and a grueling and continuous training regimen, RQ is continually grooming its own security workforce to augment its customers’ teams and respond to new threats as they emerge. RQ hires two quarters ahead of the sales pipeline demand to allow for adequate training and testing through the RQ University learning management program and fully automated cyber simulation range.

- ReliaQuest allows its customers to maximizes millions of dollars of existing technology investments: Most companies have all the security technologies they need. They just need help utilizing them effectively and evolving them for the changing threat landscape. As the only technology-agnostic service provider in its field, ReliaQuest allows its customers to keep the technologies they already own, and ReliaQuest creates strategies to better utilize those technologies based on their specific needs. When ReliaQuest customers encounter new challenges, ReliaQuest engineers and innovators build new solutions. This saves organizations millions of dollars and provides a true recurring return on investments.