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Company size (employees)20
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


In less than two years since lunching it’s initial solution, ReSec Technologies has developed into a trusted cybersecurity company offering enterprises of all sizes comprehensive security over a variety of different platforms. ReSec’s ReSecure platform offers protection on email, web traffic, digital vaults, FTP servers, thumb drives and, most recently, webmail services. ReSec works with clients in industries where security is paramount, including finance, defense, telecommunications and healthcare companies. Some notable clients among ReSec’s over 40 customers include Bezeq Telecom, Bank Hapoalim, Deloitte and the Israeli Military Industries Ltd.

ReSec is responsible for the introduction of Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), a notable technology that is now also is used by several other security companies including Check Point and Symantec. The CDR process works by breaking files into its individual part, removing all non-whitelisted content, and then delivering an exact, secure replica of the file to the end user all in real time.

ReSec was also recently selected by Barclays for cybersecurity testing in its Rise Tel Aviv innovation lab. The Rise benchmark will test ReSecure’s ability to prevent both known and unknown malware from entering the Barclays network via email and allow ReSec to continue to hone their product so it can deliver the best results for the company’s customers.

How we are different

• ReSec Technologies has created an unprecedented security solution for enterprises of all sizes and its growing customer base and revenues reflect this.
• ReSec takes a collaborative approach to security. The company has an extensive partner program where it works with other solutions to create the best security perimeter for its customers (among them ThreatTrack, Safe-T, BufferZone,, CyberArk etc.).
• The company is involved with programs, such as the Barclay’s Tel Aviv Rise Lab, that will allow ReSec to better hone and develop the product, making sure that its ReSecure platform will best protect the company’s customers.