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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Chief marketing officer
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Centrify
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this professional or team deserves recognition:

• Shantz is an award-winning marketing executive with deep security industry expertise. At Centrify, she drives global marketing strategies to accelerate the growth of sales pipeline and extend Centrify’s brand awareness around the globe.
• Shantz has a passionate, vibrant leadership style that pushes the boundaries and turns attention into leads. Her trailblazing “think differently” methodology has positioned Centrify as a leader in the identity security services category.
• Shantz is committed to raising the profile of women in cybersecurity. What initially drew Shantz to computer science was not any particular gift in math or science, but a fascination with games, puzzles and riddles that arose in childhood. Shantz believes that many girls out there today share those same interests, but society is not making enough of an effort to introduce them to computer science. Shantz believes that that companies and educational institutions must come together and rethink, reposition, train and recruit women into technology.

Brief Overview

Since joining Centrify last year, Shantz has reshaped the company’s brand and kickstarted a new way of thinking within the whole security industry with a provocative campaign called “Rethink Security.” At RSA 2017, Centrify launched a powerful campaign across a new website and a cache of advertisements, e-books, videos and speaking engagements – all designed to show how essential it is to change the status quo through statistics and powerful visuals. The campaign is challenging companies to rethink security in today’s world of access, as traditional security is not working and the stakes for properly securing access to corporate resources and handling security incidents couldn’t be higher. Shantz’s goal is to use Account Based Marketing to target the “in market buyers” of security and effectively tell the story of how Centrify “Stops the Breach” through the power of identity services.

Shantz’s success is due to her data-driven mindset and relentless determination to ensure higher ROI on every dollar spent. During the past year, Shantz has developed a new model on how to measure the company’s marketing ROI – from predictive analytics, account-based advertising and web personalization to automated account engagement scoring and automated personalized account nurture programs. The results are proving her leadership is driving Centrify’s brand up and to the right. Her strategy and ability to execute is also paying off, with sales deal size increasing by fifty percent and three times more open opportunities for the sales team to drive revenue. She has also refined the process of identifying Centrify’s ideal customer, and developed a tiered account priority and a process of collaboration with sales that creates clear actionable programs to “get meetings” and build pipelines. She has also identified a narrative that repositioned and elevated Centrify’s brand with three times more engagement than previous campaigns.