SafeGuard Cyber

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CompanySafeGuard Cyber
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


SafeGuard Cyber is the most comprehensive integrated cloud communications security platform to address cybersecurity threats and compliance risks across the modern cloud workplace. Through a combination of unified visibility, contextual analysis, and multi-channel investigations and detections, SafeGuard Cyber mitigates risks in email, mobile, and web messaging apps, collaboration apps, and social media apps across M365, Teams, Slack, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging channels. Powered by Natural Language Understanding and patented Social Engineering Detection technologies, the SafeGuard Cyber platform reduces time-to-discovery and resolution of social engineering and language-based attacks in over 50 languages. The platform’s API-first, agentless deployment ensures enterprise protection is in place no matter the network or device.

The growing digital and remote work trend has introduced new attack vectors into corporate environments. Companies need help maintaining employee productivity without compromising security, compliance, or risk. SGC’s mission is to safeguard human connection with its patented NLU, and cross-channel detection can detect, isolate, and prevent attacks that occur within even the most used messaging applications. Security and compliance teams benefit from SafeGuard Cyber platform capabilities that offer unified visibility, contextual analysis of threat indicators, and cross-channel detection across the entire network.

How we are different

• Working digitally and remotely increases employee productivity; however, it also increases threats in the messaging channels they use to communicate internally and externally, such as Zoom, LinkedIn, Slack, and more. In fact, businesses increased the number of communication channels used by 79% during the pandemic. This growing trend has introduced new attack vectors into corporate environments leaving companies needing help to figure out how to maintain productivity without compromising security, compliance, or risk. This trend amplifies SGC's mission to safeguard human connection.

• Email remains the most common attack channel, despite attackers adopting other communication platforms rapidly. SGC's software minimizes risks efficiently, reducing the resources and costs associated with protection. It gives you deep visibility to protect your infrastructure from phishing, fraud, credential theft, and other social engineering attacks. The software protects, prevents, and detects possible threats to organizations creating a secure infrastructure within the organization's security.

• An organization adopted Microsoft Teams for collaboration and used SGC to detect threats and mitigate risks to protect its data and employees. Security realized they couldn’t detect communications patterns, content, and intent and were blind to phishing, social engineering, or malware indicators in their Teams. SGC automatically captured 10,000+ messages/day, flagged seven instances of malware and malicious links in chats in the first ten days, and isolated 1,989 risk events in various languages with language-agnostic risk analytics. As a result of SGC, they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent Microsoft Teams malware and ransomware from spreading, and reduce risk to the organization in human communications.