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Company size (employees)11-20
Headquarters RegionNorth America


I am nominating SafeLogic as the most innovative cybersecurity company of the year because of the significant disruption caused to their industry. By providing encryption modules that are compatible with the widely used open source alternatives, SafeLogic’s business model drove industry incumbents to end-of-life their offerings and exit the market. And by delivering FIPS 140-2 validation (the certification process administered by NIST and required for any product deployed in the federal government or military) faster, easier, and more cost effectively, SafeLogic has become the preferred crypto provider for many major vendors who used to rely on traditional consultants.

How we are different

- SafeLogic has changed the way that vendors implement encryption
- Industry has been disrupted, rivals have left the market
- Provides crucial components to major corporations despite being a relatively small startup