SafeNet Data Protection On Demand

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Gemalto
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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SafeNet Data Protection On Demand is the only platform to offer a wide range of cloud-based encryption, key management and HSM services on demand from a single online marketplace. It has distinct advantages over competing hardware-based encryption products because:
- There is zero upfront capital investment and pay as you go pricing.
- Services can be deployed in minutes vs. hardware-based encryption products that can take days or even weeks.
- Easily integrates with existing IT products and other cloud services becomes it already comes with prec-onfigured APIs that make it easy for you to integrate encryption, key management and HSM On Demand services to protect your applications and data.

Brief Overview

SafeNet Data Protection On Demand is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of on-demand encryption, key management and hardware security module services through a simple online marketplace. Data security is made simpler, more cost effective and easier to manage because there is no hardware to buy, deploy and maintain. Just click and deploy the protection you need, provision services, add security policies and get usage reporting in minutes.

With SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, you have access to a
wide range of security services by simply clicking and deploying
what you need to protect dozens of applications and use cases.

Zero upfront capital investment and pay-as-you go pricing:
There is no hardware or software to buy, support and update, so you don’t have any capital expenditures. In addition, with unique pay-as-you-grow pricing, you have the flexibility to purchase services to suit your changing business needs.

Protect data anywhere and meet compliance mandates:
Secure sensitive data in any environment – cloud, virtual or on-premises – to manage your security policies and meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Protect the data you create, store and analyze. Crypto-enable your applications: Blockchain, Cloud, and Internet of Things.

Centralize control of encryption keys across all clouds:
Regardless of whether you use, AWS, Google, IBM or Azure, or a combination of cloud and on-premises solutions, you are always in control of your encryption keys.

Easily integrate with cloud and IT services:
Preconfigured APIs make it easy for you to integrate encryption, key management and HSM On Demand services to protect your applications and data.

Infinite scalability and elasticity;
Scale encryption, HSM and key management services up and down automatically as your requirements change.

Focus on your business, not managing security hardware and software:
There is no need to buy, provision, configure, and maintain hardware. This is all managed by Gemalto.

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