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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Gemalto
Company size (employees)12,000
Type of solutionHybrid

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Most Robust Centralized Key Management Product: SafeNet KeySecure can be used to centrally manage and secure encryption key across more IT products and services than any other key management offering. This is critically important as encryption use cases increase, making key management a major challenge for enterprises to manage.

- Cloud & On-Premises Flexibility: SafeNet KeySecure can be deployed a hardware appliance or a virtual security appliance. This gives customers a single, centralized platform for managing cryptographic content (keys and related data) and applications capable of running on premise, in the cloud or hybrid environments.

- Improved Efficiencies: SafeNet KeySecure enables IT organization to lower the costs of encryption and key management with centralized administration and automated operations and provides low TCO for key management deployments leveraging a growing list of encryption products with the OASIS KMIP standard ensures SafeNet KeySecure can address future key management needs.


Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure is the industry’s leading
platform for the centralized management and security of
encryption keys supporting a broad encryption ecosystem —
encompassing Gemalto and third-party products—for the
protection of sensitive data in databases, file servers and
storage, virtual workloads, and applications across traditional
and virtualized data centers and public cloud environments including AWS, IBM, and Microsoft. As more companies deploy encryption in the cloud, in the data center and in virtual environments, customers benefit from KeySecure’s ability to centrally manage and secure encryption keys across the most widely used application, cloud, and storage providers, including AWS, Dell, Google, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, and NetApp.

Only SafeNet can deliver key management appliances across FIPS-validated hardware or a virtual appliance with a hardware root of trust using SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Modules or Amazon Cloud HSM service.

SafeNet KeySecure use cases for centralized key management cover SafeNet encryption products and third-party solutions for backup media and storage, virtual workload and application encryption.
– Backup Media: SafeNet KeySecure supports industry leading tape libraries, scalable backup and cloud archive solutions.
– Storage: SafeNet KeySecure supports leading storage platforms and cloud storage services like AWS, Dropbox and Google.
– Data Encryption Solutions: SafeNet KeySecure provides encryption solutions for data in various formats – structured (such as databases) and unstructured (file level encryption, big data) – ensuring appropriate access to users requiring the information and IT teams providing infrastructure support.
– Applications: SafeNet KeySecure supports applications level encryption via SafeNet ProtectApp solution and integrations from cloud application partners.

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